July 21, 2015

Eighty One Dresses And Counting...

Last night was guild night and I didn't realize what a surprise some of the ladies had in store for me. More dresses!! In fact, as of last night, I have eighty one dresses toward our goal.
Beth Anderson is a long-time quilter who is teaching her friend, Jerri to sew. Not only did I meet Jerri for the first time last night, she also presented me with her first twelve projects...dresses for our little girls!
The postman has been busy, too! In one day, I received a package loaded with sweet dresses from Danice...
and Jacque's beautiful dresses. Jacque is my blog friend from Wisconsin who also has a dog named Tag. As full as her plate is, she managed to make two dresses for us.
Karen sent dresses of all sizes with more cute pocket treatments that the little girls are going to adore.
Linda K. sent another batch, too! More luscious yo-yo pockets on floral dresses and even lovely, little denim dresses.
Marcy sent a box of dresses for nearly every sized girl. She applique's pockets with cherries, hearts and flowers. I love seeing the different, creative ways that everyone finds to make their dresses special.

You can't imagine how much fun I'm having opening each package or tote that comes to me. I can just envision every single, little girl seeing her dress for the first time, and I'm incredibly humbled by the outpouring of support for this project. 

When I first wrote "100 Dresses" out loud, I admit I was a little lot tentative about setting such a lofty goal. Now, I know that we'll not only meet that goal, but we'll exceed that goal!! I know this because I've either seen pictures of the dresses that are on their way, or have been told by the other participants what their goals are.

Our soft deadline is August 15th, but I won't be heading up to deliver these dresses until closer to the end of the month. We still have labels to attach, and I'll be coordinating a trip with other ladies who have already asked to make the trip with me to Orlando.

I have dresses to make this week, and I'll be showing pictures as more dresses arrive. My days - and heart - are full, indeed.

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Jacque. said...

It is great fun to see all the dresses...I am so proud to be a little part of this endeavor. Looking forward to continue with this once things settle down. xo

Createology said...

Everyone I talk with up and down this California coast has heard of and/or sewn dresses for Dress a Girl Around the World. I feel very special to be part of your satellite group Donna. I will be sewing more dresses when my machine returns from being repaired. Blessings to every person supporting and sewing! My heart is happy...

mray said...

I am so pleased to be part of this group of giving ladies! If I lived closer I would definitely assist in sewing on the labels. What a treat to see all the dresses and thank you again for coordinating & organizing our efforts. The best part is knowing at least one hundred little girls will have a dress we made with love. Thank you, Donna. Blessings to all, Marcy


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