July 29, 2015

One Hundred Dresses (So Far)...

Two more boxes arrived yesterday!
These twelve dresses arrived from Linda S. in Clermont, Florida. Linda made all of them, and three of her friends donated funds to purchase fabric for three of them. She made one in each size, and these twelve dresses put us at the ONE HUNDRED DRESSES mark!
The most exciting thing is that I know there are more! Remember, I said there were two boxes yesterday. One of my oldest (not age-wise) blog friends, Lucy Galgano, joined our effort and made six dresses, too! (That makes 106!!)

These eighteen dresses will join the others I already have...and the additional dresses I know are (or will be) on their way. I can hardly contain myself...waiting to see how many dresses we end up taking to Orlando before the end of August. One hundred six already, and we have over two weeks left before the deadline.

Thank you, Linda and Lucy! Eighteen little girls will be tickled to receive one of the dresses you made. Your dress could change their life, and each will certainly change their outlook.
Sweet Lucy surprised me by tucking a little something extra in the box with her dresses. She included a pocket-size devotional book (which I will keep with me and cherish), and a box whose contents were wrapped in raffia.
On closer inspection, I couldn't help but smile. See? My thoughtful friend included a box of acorns for me! These will be safely tucked in the studio until such time as we move and I set up in a new creative space. Then, they'll be front and center with the rest of my collection.

Thank you for thinking of the girls, ladies...and thanks again, Lucy, for adding a little something special for me. Every day is a gift that we can share together. 
I'm grateful for every single dress that has arrived so far, and every dress yet to come. You're all generous and loving people who are willing to share your talents. These children will be blessed by your gifts, and I'm so honored to be able to do this with you.

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Jane said...

Such beautiful dresses! You've done a great job of organizing and promoting this special cause. I couldn't participate this time but hope to join for the next round.

Createology said...

The generosity of so many ladies is very heartwarming. Every dress sewn is beautiful and I can visualize every girl with a great big smile and twinkling eyes. How sweet to include a thank you gift for you Donna Dear...

Danice said...

Wonderful! 106 dresses. This is such a worthy cause :)


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