July 8, 2015

Table Quilts and Toppings...

Part of the staging I've done toward selling our home extends to setting the tables. In addition to the teak dining set we have, we also have an antique oak table that Handsome and I have had since we were married.

It was refinished once about twenty years ago, but it could really use another spa session with a furniture refinisher. Lately, I've even contemplated painting it. Until I decide on its treatment, I'll continue to cover it with some of the lap size quilts I've made. I switch them out according to seasons or holidays.

In keeping with the Independence Day holiday, I set the table in some of my red, white and blue English and American transferware. (Appropriate, don't you think?) I don't have a red, white and blue quilt yet, but I'm going to make one very soon. I just love the color combination.
This is the patriotic quilt I'm going to be making. I first found it on Pinterest (this exact photo), and in a blog post HERE, I asked for help in finding out the name and designer of the pattern.

Thanks to two of my blog friends, I had the answer by the end of the day of that post. It's called "Patriotic Rose", by Janet Miller of The City Stitcher. © 2002. I had the pattern in my hot, little hands by the end of that week.

Not only is it pieced, but it also has beautiful applique', too. When the time comes to make this it, I'll make it larger so it's sure to cover our oak table. I'm thinking that I'll pull fabrics for this beauty very soon. Wouldn't it be nice to have it finished in time for Labor Day?

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Sarah said...

Beautiful setting and gorgeous quilt. The pattern is exquisite.
I've been packing boxes and moving things to storage in order to get our house ready to put on the market. I can totally relate to what you have been doing. '-)

Sewing In CT said...

ooh! That is lovely. Something to think about for a winter project! (as if I don't have enough waiting for me!)

Laurie said...

Donna I love your idea to put lap quilts on the table! I'm anxious to see the result of your new project, it's gorgeous.

Createology said...

That Patriotic Rose quilt is beautiful and will be a fine addition to your collection of handmade quilts by Brynwood Needleworks. I can see by your delightful table setting why someone asked if your home is professionally staged. Lovely Dear...


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