July 27, 2015

Tuesdays With Tag - Rain, Rain Go Away...

Hi, Everybody!

It's been rainin' non-stop around here for the last week. I'm managed to get in a little swimmin', but we sure haven't done much else outside. Florida's "monsoon season" is here in full force.
Mom's been busy in the studio, so I "stand" guard to make sure nobody sneaks up on her. You never know who might try to invade (I'm not mentionin' any names, mind you).
When she's not in the studio, I hang out with Dad in the livin' room. Don't even ask where The Black Dog is! (She's not far from me in this picture, but I'm not amused.) Mom always smiles at me when I do this, but really. Why wouldn't I rest my head on this nice table?
Yesterday, The Black Dog and I helped Dad take out the garbage. Of course, you know I'm always get "recycle" duty. Bella just walks along with us so far. It will be nice when she can pull her own weight by helpin' out, too.

Anyhoooo...On our way back to the house, the two of us decided to engage in some serious puddle runnin'. All that rain has dumped so much water in the yard that we have lots of BIG puddles. Bella was runnin' and splashin' like a fool! I, on the other hand, managed to maintain my dignity while chasin' around with her.

We were both wet when all the runnin' was done. I had to laugh. Bella was soaked!!! I was merely damp around the edges. See? Dad had to really dry Bella off before she could come in the house, but I was allowed into the living room to lie on a towel until my feet were dry. (YAY, me!)
I was quite content to hang out while Mom made dinner. I could see just fine from here. Bella was in her crate. (snort...giggle...laugh)
Bella said she wanted Dad to put her picture on Facebook today. She posed for her own (goofy) Tongue Out Tuesday picture. What a dork! I still say "puppies are jerks". sheesh Time for me to go for this week.

I'll see you again in seven! 'til then...
"Chase A Dream - Or A Squirrel".

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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

One of the best parts of our day is watching how our pooches interact AND they almost always are touching each other when they sleep, even if its paws.
Great pics.
xx, Carol

Createology said...

Tag you could send that rain to us. We have a terrible forest fire very close to our home and it is very scary. 2100+ acres burned since Sat afternoon and over 2000 fire personnel working hard with lots of aerial tankers, helicopters and ground dozers but the fire has jumped two containment lines. We could also use some paw prayers. Thanks for always keeping us in your loop...Smooches!

Kris said...

Hey, Tag, you handsome devil, you!! Hang in there with the Black Dog!! She WILL grow up one day and you'll be best buds!! She sure is gettin' big (and quite cute - but don't her that, it might go to her head)!!

Sharon Chapman said...

Send me that rain please!!!! You are such a cutie. Now be nice to Bella. :-)


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