July 6, 2015

Tuesdays With Tag - Patriotic Pups...

Hi, Everybody!
In honor of our Nation's 239th Birthday celebration, I'm gonna share
a few pictures of patriotic Corgis with you. Mom saved these for me and
 I think you're really gonna love 'em. These Corgis are our FB friends, too!
© Christopher Brock Photography
This is Bob Corgi of Bob & Lola Corgi fame. He's a handsome guy, and is Lola's better half. They are pretty famous on Facebook, so you might want to go and check out their page. Lola is a beautiful gal, and these guys are really photogenic, no matter what the holiday.

You can check out their CorgEcards and other Corgi-related items at (Obsessive Corgi Designs) at CafePress. You can see more of Christopher's Corgi images at Christopher Brock Photography.
These three Corgis are Bruiser, Lily and Gus. Their mom, Liz is one of Mom's friends on Facebook, and she gets the greatest pictures of these three! Don't you just love Gus' smile?

If you "friend" their mom on Facebook, you'll get to see lots more pictures of them and read all about their adventures. People think Miss Liz should put together a book using all the short stories she has written about them. We agree!
©Photo property of Bob Marotta
Of course, no patriotic Corgi array would be complete without the famous Spark Plug. His dad, Bob likes takin' pictures of him and his brother, Trotter. They're a real patriotic family - and they all love bacon. Doesn't get better than that!

I met Spark Plug in person when I was just a kid. He lives just up the highway from us, near Sarasota. He and his dad, and now Trotter, help raise money for a cause near and dear to all Corgi lovers called "CorgiAid". They are organizers of the annual Florida Corgi Picnic, too. 
©Marty Helgeson art
Mom collects ATC (artist tradin' cards) and she really likes this one by Marty Helgeson. I'd be the drummer, you know! I even bet that Quinn would be holdin' the flag to march next to me!
©Vanessa Keys Art
Mom also loves everythin' "Corgi" that Miss Vanessa Keys creates - like this flag face pup. This is a link to her FaceBook page where you can see more of her artwork, and her shop where you can purchase her sweet designs.
Fezzik Inconceivable - Image ©Brynwood Needleworks
When Mom was gettin' these images, she saw that someone had pinned this picture of Fezzik on Pinterest. It's been shared many times around the Internet. I decided that he should be included here today because he's wearin' a blue tie...and because he was such a cool guy.

Mom said it's nice that her Fezzie lives on and continues to make other people smile. It made her smile, too.

I hope everybody has a nice holiday weekend. We did, too, but Mom didn't carry her camera around to document it. She just spent the weekend chillin' and bein' gratefully patriotic. Isn't that what it's all about?
I'll see you again in seven! 'til then...
"Keep Your Nose To The Wind 
 and The Sunshine On Your Tail."
Note: All photographs of real dogs have been used with their owner's permission.

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Laurie said...

I had a corgi once, Tag, his name was Stubbs. I think you guys are the sweetest! Love your patriotic friends, thanks for sharing their cuteness with us!

Createology said...

Tag you are such a dearheart! Sharing all your Corgi friends and seeing how patriotic you all are really warms my heart. Keep your Tail behind you as you Frapple through your week.
Love and Smooches...

Patchworker said...

Tag, thanks for sharing all your Corgi friends - they are very cute, just like you!

Jacque. said...

oh, Tag! That was fun to see your patriotic Corgi friends! Thanks so much for sharing them with us...and your patriotism, too! xo TagEButt


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