July 14, 2015

Stocking My Shop...

 I told you that I've been making more pincushions. 
These are already finished and heading to my Etsy Shop.
 Each one measures 4" wide by 8" long.
They're embellished with vintage buttons and jewelry findings, and
ruffled seam bindings that make me smile every time I look at them.
 "Cherries Jubilee"
  "Cherries Jubilee" detail
 "Devonshire Cream"
  "Devonshire Cream" detail
 "Lavender Blue"
  "Lavender Blue" detail
(This one is already sold, so I'll be making another with the same materials.)
 "Lovebirds" detail.

They're all in my Etsy shop, BrynwoodNeedleworks.
 I have more to finish and I'll share those soon.
Happy pursuits in my Brynwood Studio.

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Createology said...

Each one lovelier than the one before. It is easy to see how much fun you are having in your dreamy studio. Stitching the day away...Divine and Creative Bliss.


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