July 7, 2015

Kitchen Storage Ideas...

Not long ago, I posted a few home photos with you. One of my readers noticed my rolling pins on the back wall of the kitchen and asked about how I mounted them to the wall, so I thought I'd share a few of my organization tricks with you today.
The rolling pins are family favorites. I purchased the top one, which we use when we make our Friday date night pizzas. The other two belonged to my mother-in-law.

I use them quite often, so it's handier to keep them out in the open. Plus, I love looking at them. Hanging them on the wall seemed to be the best option for me.
I went to one of the home improvement stores (I can't remember if it was Home Depot or Lowes), and found just the hardware that would work. The knobs on the ends are perfect for keeping the rolling pins from falling off them, and they look good, too.

For just a few dollars, I ended up with a great storage solution for my treasured - and much used - rolling pins.
I don't think I shared pictures of my pantry before, but in this partial photo, you can see my storage solution for all my spices.
This was my own idea for a do-it-yourself project that I'm really glad I made. I wanted to have all of my spices organized, but easily accessible. Stowing them away in drawers or a cabinet doesn't work for me.
Like many of you, I really like going to Bed, Bath and Beyond. I just knew that if I went on a hunt over there, I'd find what I needed to make my own spice racks. I measured two of the spice bottles (two different manufacturers) I found these bamboo drawer organizers that would be the right size.

I'd purchased one rack to take home and figure out how many more I would need. When you look at the pictures, you can see that I settled on ten of them, even though a couple more might have been in order.
I measured my available wall space in the pantry, did a little calculating and then grabbed my bottle of Gorilla Glue™. I had enough space on each section of wall for five drawer organizers, so that's how many I glued together.
After I busied myself long enough for the glue to set, it was time to attach them to the wall. I screwed through the back of the top and bottom sections, and then put one more set of screws in the center section. That way I could be sure they wouldn't pull apart when the jars were in place.

I even had enough room between the top of the rack and the bulkhead for a few more small bottles. Yes. They're all arranged alphabetically, according to manufacturer. It's not so crazy. How else can I quickly find what I need?

We'll be leaving these behind when we move. Believe me, they're well-secured to the wall here, so I'll make new sets after we settle into our next home.
We have another showing today (traffic is picking up!), so I won't be back in the studio until this afternoon. I have a few projects on the work table, which I'll show you tomorrow.

I do have one nice, little story to recount before I go. At our last showing, our realtor was asked if we'd paid to have a professional stager come in to prepare to show our home. She told them that the home "was staged by owner's wife". Short of an actual offer to purchase, this was one of the highest compliments I could have received for all our hard work. Wasn't that nice?

Happy Hump Day!
(Tag still loves that commercial. lol)

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Jacque. said...

Great organization ideas! And, that was a wonderful (and well-deserved) compliment! Thanks for sharing!

Laurie said...

Ingenious Donna, I love the idea for the rolling pins, I may have to borrow that one, and what an awesome fix for the spices. If I had a place for those I would have that up this afternoon! A great compliment to your style and creativity to be asked if your home had a stager come in. You're on a role!!

Createology said...

You should feel quite proud of your design style and how nice to be complimented on it. Great spice organization and I too alphabetize mine as they are sitting on little shelf risers I garnered from Mr. C's wood scraps. My pantry has no wall space because of tons of shelves. Keep those showings going and someone will be ready to buy your home...well "staged" home.

Laura Quaglia (Fun With This and That) said...

Omg you ate way too organized
It looks wonderful,


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