July 15, 2015

On My Short List...

I saw this quilt last week on FaceBook. It was created by Diane Miller Hedrick as a Birthday gift for her husband. I saw it posted on a page called "24 Blocks". You know about me and patriotic quilts by now. I was immediately smitten.

I don't need a pattern, per se, for this one. I can see that the stripes and stars were created with the fabric. I went on a hunt.
It didn't take me long to find what I was looking for. This fabric line is called "Stars and Stripes" (Stonehenge), and was produced by Northcott. Within the hour, I'd found a supplier and had ordered the basic fabrics I'd need to make the quilt. I still need a solid navy for the star blocks, but that won't be hard to find. The fabrics I ordered arrived yesterday. How's that for quick?

I'll draw this out on my EQ7 program (on my Mac), and I'll be able to start sewing on it next week. (Another open house on the weekend, so I'll stick to smaller projects for now. They're easier to put away quickly.)

It's always fun to dream about a new quilt even if I don't immediately have the time to work on it. But I wasn't kidding. This one is on my short list!

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Jacque. said...

Good job! That will be a fun quilt to put together. In the meantime, have fun with the smaller projects. ox

Createology said...

You are amazing. "Find what you love and stick with it" must be in your DNA. This quilt is stunning and of course you can replicate it. High on Life July...


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