July 30, 2015

Jenny of Elefantz Hussif Tutorial...

Image property of Jenny of Elefantz
 Have you ever visited "Jenny of Elefantz"?
If you haven't, you don't know what you're missing.
Image property of Jenny of Elefantz
Jenny has created a tutorial over the past five days on her blog. The instructions are for making your own hussif. "Hussif" is a term well known to those who are interested in antique samplers and needlework. It was also referred to as a "housewife". They were traditionally used to carry needlework necessities when such supplies were expensive and important to ladies of the house. Having a hussif helped keep those items, such as needles and threads, close at hand.

If you're a needleworker of any sort, you might want to consider making one of these for yourself.
You'll find Jenny's tutorial (it spans five days), interesting and easy to follow. You're also going to love exploring the rest of her site. She has all kinds of fun projects for you to try.

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Kris said...

Thanks, Donna, it looks darling!!

laurajane said...

How lovely is that,thank you Donna I've just had a peep at Jenny's block and it is indeed lovely.Thank you for the link.xx

Createology said...

I have followed Jennny for a long time and I addore her sweet stitchings. I want to make a hussif as soon as my machine is working. Thank you Donna for sharing this. Wonderful Weekend Dear...


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