July 24, 2015

Sometimes Things Aren't Black Or White...

 Sometimes, things are gray.
Such is the case with our November guild challenge.

Every year, Disconnected Piecers Quilt Guild holds a challenge for our members. This year, the challenge is to create something quilted using background fabric(s) that only contain shades of gray. 

We are allowed to use other colors in our project, but any fabric used in the background can only have gray or shades of gray in them. No colors, and nothing that doesn't read "gray".
This is only a sampling of the gray fabrics I have in my...ahem...inventory. I've had my project in mind since the challenge theme was decided. Now that November is inching ever closer, I need to turn my thinking in this direction. 

All the projects that members submit for this competition will also be displayed at our 2016 quilt show in February.

I can't wait to start sharing peeks as I work on it. When I'm finished, I may even share a pattern for what I'm making. I'm very excited about this idea I've conceived and am looking forward to the entire process. I hope you'll follow along as it becomes a reality.

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Createology said...

Ahh withh "fifty shades of grey" being so popular I can see how this colorway was chosen. I personally have loved grey since my youth. It is such an elegant color. I am most curious what you will be creating and of course I'll be following along. Saturday Shades of Grey Dear...

Jacque. said...

It wasn't until I started quilting that I decided that gray was an acceptable color. Still have plans for something with gray...someday. Really looking forward to seeing what you do with yours. That's a lot of gray fabrics in your inventory! wow!!!


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