July 28, 2015

Time Spent With Creative Friends...

My Tuesday began with a trip over to Port Charlotte to join my guild friends for our once-a-month Sew-In at the church. We work on anything we want, so I had let everyone know that I'd be there to put labels on our dresses for the Dress A Girl Around The World project. This was actually the first time I'd attended, but I'll definitely be going back from now on!

Carol (in front) and Judith (in back) came just to help sew labels! We quickly had all our dresses finished and were caught up by lunchtime. I was immensely grateful for the help.

Everyone who attended loved seeing all the different dresses, and so many creative ways that made each dress beautiful and unique. I had taken along five sets of patterns and spec sheets, and before I left, they were all gone with promises to make more dresses!
Beth Anderson had made these five sweet dresses and asked another member to deliver them to me because she couldn't bring them herself. We got them labeled, too, and now have eighty eight (88) dresses. I know there are more on the way to me. (Other group members have let me know they're in the mail already!)

The cutoff date for this effort is August 15th, but I'm allowing a week for mailing. After that, I'll still take in dresses toward our next deadline (which hasn't been determined yet), but they won't go with these.

I'm going to contact our Florida ambassador, Monica, after August 15th to set up the date to take this batch to Orlando. I'll let everyone know when that is just in case other Florida group members care to join me for the trip.
I had to take this picture of a quilt my friend, Pat made. I didn't know it, but the Tuesday Sew-in group had been working on a quiltalong project for the past six months. Pat had hers finished by this month's meeting and I was smitten. It's a fabulous quilt, and now I'm sorry I didn't know about it sooner (so I could have made one, too). I'll know better next time!
L-R: Cathy, Adele, Ellen, Krisann, Brenda , Pam, Claire, Karen, Norma and Doris. I'm behind the camera.
My day ended with the Fiber Divas at Paneras. We had a nice group last night and everyone was working on something wonderful. (I'm doing my Wooly Critters sewing when we meet.) 

Time spent with creative friends, is time spent relaxing and renewing my spirit. I look forward to the time and ideas we share, and I'm blessed to call them my friends.

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Createology said...

How wonderful of all these ladies to help sew labels onto the donated dresses. Donna this is such a heatwarming project and I am grateful that you will be doing a second round. You are sew right to have creative friends to spend time with relaxing, sewing and renewiing your spirit. High on Life July...


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