July 26, 2015

Working Out The Kinks...

Moda™ Water Garden fabric assortment on the grid base - on my ironing board
On Saturday, I showed you the fabrics I'll be using for our guild challenge. I know exactly what I want to make, but I need to make a miniature version first. I want to make sure that the basic design works.
Of course, I don't want to use the actual fabric I'm using for the finished piece. (I've learned that lesson the hard way!) Instead, I pulled out a Moda™ Honey Bun (1-1/2" strips of all the fabrics in the line...like a Jelly Roll, but narrower strips), and my Pellon™ Fusible Grid (820P) and got busy. The fabric is from my stash, and it's called "Water Garden". Don't you love the dragonflies?

The way this works is that I cut my 1-1/2" strips into 1-1/2" squares. Then, I played around, placing the squares in a pleasing pattern on the bumpy, fusible side of the 1" grid sections. I had to be careful not to iron past the fabrics so I didn't get fusible goop on my iron. (Success!)
Once everything is fused, all I had to do was fold each line of fabrics and sew until I'd sewn all the widths of squares, and then sew them lengthwise. I ended up with sweet, little 1" blocks.
Look at all those tidy intersections! That's the benefit of using the fusible grid. Everything stays put and there's no distortion. I love this stuff!
Next step is quilting, and then I'll start cutting. (Did I say "cutting"?!! Yes, I did!) You're starting to get curious now, aren't you? (giggle)

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Jacque. said...

Curiouser than all get out, here. Whatever it will be, promises to be great! Looking forward to watching this all unfold.

Createology said...

Well I already love the blue dragonflies...just like we have at our pond. This tiny 1" squares of fabric is beautiful! Cut?!?! Yes, I am very curious to see what you are creating. High on Life July...

mray said...

Dear Donna I am on the edge of my seat waiting, I may not sleep tonight....what are you creating? Ok, I'll be up very early pondering over this 'til your blog appears. I know one thing for sure, you'll have something wonderful completed! Blessings, Marcy


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