July 5, 2015

Creative Joy...

When we weren't relaxing and enjoying the holiday, I was in the studio playing. I finished the weekend with three new pincushions - and more!
These are all now listed in my Etsy shop and are available for adoption to new sewing or needlework  homes.
This one has a sweet, pink floral fabric, vintage lace trim (with a place to tuck a pair
 of embroidery scissors), light sage, ruched seam binding, and a vintage jewelry finding.
I like this purple ribbon-trimmed pincushion. It also has vintage lace with an
 opening in the lace to hold a pair of embroidery scissors. I cut the pin back off
a "Choose Joy" lapel pin so that I could affix it to the front of this one. I also added
 beads to the "blossom" I created from seam binding at the top of the ruching.
For the last pincushion I made over the weekend, I chose a pink rose fabric,
vintage lace, a vintage button and more ruched seam binding. 

Each pincushion measures 8" long x 4" wide, and is filled with crushed walnut 
shells for weight (so it doesn't scoot around on your sewing table), and to help 
keep pins and needles sharp. Each one is unique and handcrafted with TLC.

They can be found in my HERE, in my Etsy shop.
I finished out my weekend projects by making another dress for our project,
"Dress A Girl Around The World". 

The early evening "monsoons" arrived with thunder and lightning, so I had 
to shut down my Destiny and unplug it before I could make the dress pocket. 
I'll add that today and then this dress will go with the others.

All in all, I think you'd agree. 
This was definitely a weekend spent pursuing my "creative imperative".

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Jacque. said...

Great finishes, Donna! Following that inner creative muse is always fun, hey?

Createology said...

Lovely pincushions in your signature elegant style. It is the little details that truly make the simple become the elegant. Oh this fabric is uber cute sewn into a little dress. Wonderful week to you...

Laurie said...

Donna they are beautiful, I love the special touches you put into your projects. There is going to be one lucky little girl wearing that adorable dress!!

Patchworker said...

Oh Donna, these pincushions you have just completed would have to be the prettiest I have ever seen - truly beautiful and so creative!

Indigo Blue said...

My year 8 Textiles club made a load of dresses for the Dress a Girl Around the World. They worked in teams and did a really good job considering for many it was the first garment that they had ever made.
A very worthy project


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