November 1, 2016


Brynwood Needleworks - Art by John MacDonald Aiken
I found out yesterday that the part received to repair Destiny was the wrong one. They'll need to reorder, and I won't see Destiny before Saturday (if I'm lucky). Likely, I end up waiting to pick her up until after the Election on Tuesday. sigh

So, while I wait, I'm cleaning the studio, photographing fabric to list in my shop, taking pictures of two Horn cabinets I'm going to sell (rather than move north), doing my prep work for Election Day....and trying to be patient. big sigh Don't worry. I'll be okay. There's always Plan B...or C (as in "Christmas sewing").


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Summer said...

Seems like you will be very busy♥

Createology said...

Destiny is certainly wanting to come home well and ready to sew. Your shop looks amazing and it is filled with lots of gifty goodies. Yes, you will be fine. Time for a cuppa and a good book...


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