November 3, 2016

A Perfect Day To Harvest...

Brynwood Needleworks - Harvest 2016

The farmer harvested the corn off our land recently, and Shelly sent photographs to me so I wouldn't completely miss it. You can tell by the photographs that it was a perfect day for it...sunny and dry.

Brynwood Needleworks - Harvest 2016

Everything was cleared off in a single day, and the landscape has been transformed for the winter. We imagine that there will be cranes, turkeys and deer looking for any leftovers. I'm sorry I missed being there for the first harvest since we purchased the farm, but I'll look forward to next year.

Brynwood Needleworks - Harvest 2016

  "...I bring, to you...
Windfallen apples, berries from the hedge
Long shadows on the barrows, and the chalk
Wild winds to stir the willows and the sedge
And mist, and myth, down every path you walk

I'm here, again...
The promise of the harvest to fulfil
The energy of autumn, streaming through
The swirling springs that spiral round the hill
To drench the land in red and russet hue..." 
 - From "Here Again: The Autumn Equinox", by Gail Foster 2016


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Createology said...

How lovely to see Autumn at Hickory Hill Farm. You are blessed to have Shelley taking photos so you can see the amazing gathering of a corn harvest. Once Halloween happens it seems like everyone rushes right into Christmas. Thanksgiving is a wonderful time and completely belongs in Autumn and Harvest time.

Anonymous said...

Autumn looks so beautiful there at Hickory Hill Farm! How many acres do you have? Now that the corn is down, it looks so much bigger! What nice neighbors you have to take pictures for you and to have done all they have for you both! There is nothing worse than lousy neighbors, so you surely were blessed with them! I love the words by Gail Foster! They paint such a lovely picture!

Kris said...

You lucky girl, you!!


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