November 24, 2016

Love Never Dies...

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It's been two years today. 
It seems like yesterday...and forever.
I miss you, Mom.

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Patchworker said...

You are so right dear Donna that a mother's love never dies and aren't we fortunate to have experienced this wonderful love! My darling Mum passed away 28 years ago and not a day goes by that I don't think of her and miss her still. It is such a comfort to know they are not suffering and at complete peace so my thoughts are with you on your Mum's anniversary of her passing.❤️

Createology said...

Time goes all too slowly when we need to fill the void of losing a loved one. Mom Grace is watching over you dear child. Hugs...

TerriSue said...

Oh Donna, It is so hard. My wonderful mother died in 1995. She was my best friend, and had been for most of my life. She started morphing into that position during my late grade school years. There wasn't anything that I didn't share with her. Even after I moved out of state having married Jim we still were on the phone and writing copious letters as it was expensive then to call long distance. Once Jim and I had children she and my step-father would meet half-way on weekends so they could have time with Grandma and Grandpa. Whenever they had a three day weekend they were at our house. She would take vacation time to come for the kidlets birthdays. And all this time she continued to be my best friend. The first person I would turn to. Then came the breast cancer that completely ravaged her body in the end. After the diagnosis we had her for 18 months. It was a blessing when she died, she was so wasted and in incredible pain. But for all she did my children only have hazy memories of her. 21 years later I still think of her every day. When one of my grandchildren do something I often have the first thought of, I must call Mother and tell her. I know that I will miss her until the day I die. Thanks to a loving Savior that will be the last for we will then be reunited.

Tanya Rachelle said...

Beautiful. May your heart be full of wonderful memories and hope.

Anonymous said...

A Mother’s Message From Heaven

I see you my darlings, all the time, 
I know everything you do.
Would you believe, my dearest children
I’m even closer now to you!
I can see inside your minds,
Indeed, inside your hearts,
I even know you better now,
Than I did before, sweethearts.
I’ve always loved you – you know that,
But maybe now I love you more,
I love the adults that you’ve become,
Just as I loved the child before.
I know how much you miss me,
Well, I surely miss you, too.
I miss our talking and our laughing,
And all we used to do.
Whether you are six or sixty,
You’ll always be my precious child.
You’re the babies that I carried
And the adults that helped me smile.
What you need to understand,
Though death has taken me away,
Is that I’ve not left you, my darlings.
I am still with you today.
My family, I could never leave you;
God, of course, would not want that.
Physically, we are apart,
But our hearts are still attached.
I love you all the time,
You cannot get away from me.
That’s the way a Mother is
Right until eternity.
Every day I’m with you
I see you from above,
And I want for you to know
How very much you’re dearly loved.


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