November 27, 2016

This Week Will Be A Busy One...

Brynwood Needleworks - Farm Kitchen via Pinterest

Rather than having sugarplums dancing in my head, I have visions of the farmhouse and the changes that are underway. I'll see them for myself soon enough, but for now, I pin images on Pinterest and plan how we might decorate different areas for the holidays. Isn't this a festive room?

I imagine all the projects that will (eventually) come out of my northern studio, and dinners we'll share with family once our new kitchen is installed. We probably won't do any of those things this year, but we'll have plenty of farmhouse holidays to look forward to in the future.

Brynwood Needleworks - Babylock Imagine

You may notice that this isn't Miss Evvie. I sold her last spring to someone who would give her more regular work than I did. After she was gone, a gentleman contacted our guild offering items for sale following the death of his wife. This Babylock Imagine was on his list, and it was a steal at his asking price. I immediately called him, and Handsome and I picked it up the same day. I figured that, if I was only going to use my serger a few times a year, this was a worthwhile investment.

I managed to pick up Handsome's bug and spent the better part of last weekend in bed trying to get better. (He's much better, thanks.) As usual for me, the cough remains, but it won't keep me out of the studio. I have gifts waiting to be created and a deadline certain. This week will be a busy one.
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Mandy said...

So sorry to hear that you haven't been well. I do hope that cough disappears quickly. Don't overdo things.

Createology said...

Hope you are feeling better every day and creating your wonderful Grammies Jammies. Hickory Hill Farm will be so ready for you to return. What a very smart man to contact your guild where his wife's machines would be best used by others. Happy Dreaming of your remodeling projects. Healing Energy Dear...

Sewing In CT said...

Feel better quickly. Can't wait to see those jammies being made. I long to use my serger for things like that. I can train to be a firefighter, but am afraid to use my serger! Go figure!!!! :)


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