November 15, 2016

Farmhouse Update - Studio Space...

Brynwood Needleworks - Farmhouse Studio Space

I love getting farmhouse updates! Many thanks to Shelly and Aunty Margaret for snapping progress photos for me as these decor changes take place. Isn't it amazing how a room can be transformed by paint?

The countertop is original to this room. I haven't yet decided whether or not I'll do one of those countertop paint treatments yet. I have to see it now that the room is painted before I'll make up my mind. The carpeting will be taken out, in favor of more maple plank flooring that will be revealed and refinished.

This is one of two rooms that will become my northern studio spaces. This room was used as an upstairs kitchen when Shelly's grandparents lived downstairs and she, her parents and siblings lived upstairs. I decided that I wanted to keep the cabinetry in this room (because I know it will be useful for my purposes.

Brynwood Needleworks - Farmhouse Studio Space

I'm referring to this upstairs room in the farmhouse as my "southern (exposure) studio room". I can see the driveway and up the hillside from the window and doorway to the airing porch from here. I'll be keeping my sewing machine(s) in this room, favoring the southern view with its year-round, brighter natural light.

Right across the hallway is the room that will be my second studio room. That room has windows that look to the north of the property (what is in corn for a portion of the year), and also toward the hillside behind our house. The northern room will serve as my fabric and cutting space. I'm not showing it yet because there's paneling on the walls that has to first be removed (in December) before it can be painted. You'll get to see that room's "before and after" once it's painted.

Brynwood Needleworks - Southern Studio Space
Meanwhile, my southern studio is arranged for showings (another of which we had yesterday). I find that I need to be more organized so I can easily put my current projects away if we get the call that someone wants to view this home.

I'm going to be packing up more fabric as I prepare for our eventual move. All these shelves will go into the north studio space at the farm. It's really fun planning where things will go...and of course, I'll also have some things that will be with me in Florida until we're back in Wisconsin full time. I guess I'd better get more boxes!


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Createology said...

This us very exciting. Your new studios are going to be sew wonderful. Paint really does make a huge difference and for not a lot of capital investment. Planning and packing and you are amazing with all you do at the same time. Happy Hump Day My Friend...

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Not one bit of green-eyed jealousy here! Not one, but two studios - my idea of heaven. Being able to move slowly and think about where you want things to end up is a great way to move. That's how we moved into this apartment and everything went so well. I made paper mock-ups of all the rooms and the furniture and test-fitted everything before we actually moved it. That way we didn't end up bringing things that simply wouldn't fit. My studio/spare bedroom/computer room is packed but I have everything I need.

Summer said...

Going on lovely! All the best ♥

Kris said...

I'm like Magpie - green, green, green!! ;-0 It is going to be so exciting to get home and see it all!! Hoo! Hoo!

Anonymous said...

How exciting it is to come here and watch this transformation. It is becoming more and more beautiful!


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