November 22, 2016

For Christmas Eve...

Brynwood Needleworks - 2016 Grammie's Jammies Fabric Choices
I've been busy sorting through fabrics and making my choices for many of my 2016 Christmas projects. These are the fabrics I chose for this year's Grammie's Jammies.

The golden floral coordinates on the left are for one of our granddaughters, and the bunnies/floral coordinates are for the other. The black fabric with musical notes and motifs is for our soon-to-be, 15 year old grandson. Choosing fabrics for him is getting more difficult. But I have a cute story to tell you about that.

When we were together with him and his parents in October, I told him that he'd be hearing from me soon, so that I could get his annual "stats" (measurements) to ensure his jammies would fit him. I teased him and said, "Do you want Power Rangers this year?", knowing full well that he'd long ago outgrown "kiddie" prints. He smiled the smile that always melts my heart and said, "Whatever you choose, I'll love, Grandma." sigh 

I've been making a new pair of pajamas for each of our grandchildren every year since they were born. When we send our packages north, we mark which ones are to be opened Christmas Eve, so they have their jammies to wear to bed that night. Now that they're 15, 12 and 8, it warms my heart to know that they've come to look forward to them. The very best part is when they love them so much that they don't want to change into regular clothes on Christmas Day. Then I know I've scored a home run.

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Jacque. said...

That is so sweet, Donna!! Gotta love those grands...and you! xo

Createology said...

You are the bestest Grammie and that is why they love your Jammie's each year. Such a wonderful tradition and three wonderful Grands. Happy sewing dear.

Robin said...

What a fabulous tradition you have created and fabulous memories you are giving them.

laurajane said...

How lovely Donna, making lovely memories.Is handsome all recovered now? Xx

Kris said...

What lucky grandkids and lucky you to have such sweet ones!! Your grandson sounds like a keeper (and always the granddaughters)!! Love the fabrics you chose!! Have fun making them!! You won't have to mail them this year!!


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