June 10, 2023

Oops, I Did It Again…

I'm using this image because I really love it - even though there are no walruses, seals, puffins, penguins or polar bears around here. Apologies that I can't credit the artist. I'll come back and add a caption once I find that artist's name.

What we do have is a raccoon that's apparently hungry enough to show up on the porch during daylight hours to scarf up some of the girls' food. I had to chase him/her off three times last night, but it did manage to eat quite a bit before I made it go away. I'd love to have it well-fed, but I'm afraid that putting food in the habitat will draw the coyotes closer than they already get to the house, or that it will permanently move into the barn for the sustenance. I can't have either scenario, so I chase it off and take up the food for the rest of the day. I still make sure my girls are fed, but it will have to be done a bit differently than for me to put out food and leave it out for them.

I realized I never put up a Friday post. I'm so sorry there was nothing new to read if you came to visit. I planned to post first thing in the morning, but got sidetracked, and the day completely got away from me. ugh

So, here I am again. Nothing is wrong. Everyone here is fine. I just neglected to sit down and write. I'm purging clothes this week. Yes. More purging, and the frustration that goes with it. I'm still trying to fit 50 pounds of "stuff" in a 25 pound bag, so to speak. I really need to learn to let go. I have two bags of clothes to donate already, but it's not nearly enough, and so I persist. I'll get there. It's just taking waaaay too long.

I have done a bit more on my needlework strawberry, and love how it's coming together...slowly, but surely. I'll share more on Monday, after I add more flowers over the next couple days. I do hope you have a lovely weekend, though. We have rain in the forecast, and I sure hope we get some. I really don't want Andy and Shelly having to watch me do some crazy rain dance in the garden!


  1. Oh, I love that image with all of the animals.
    We had a Raccoon in our front flower bed last night.
    We also have to take in the Hummie feeder at night, something keeps emptying it.
    Sometimes Deer pick the flowers off & suck the juice out, but this time something is doing it with out picking the flowers off! It's frustrating!
    I've noticed other birds drinking the plain water out of the ant well, but that's ok.
    Last night a little Chickadee took a bath in it! So cute!
    I do hope we get the much needed rain today, the lawns are brown here.

  2. I bring all my feeders in at night. Just too many creatures out there and I feel the same way as you about the coyotes.
    We must be on the same wave length, purging is my new hobby, who knew I could be so good at it, but it sure feels good.
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  3. Wonderful image that I know I've seen somewhere before but I don't know who created it. Too bad it wasn't signed!.
    You might have to resort to trapping Mr. Raccoon and removing him to another area where he can't cause you problems.

  4. Sherry of createology: This is a wonderful image. Raccoons can be very destructive. I am very bad at purging my clothes. I love to donate but not my clothes. I take very good care of my clothes and shoes so they last me a really long time. Yes, I have the famous three sets…too small, just right, and maybe a tad too big. LOL


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