December 30, 2017

This Tool Is Awesome!...

Shelling Nuts
Last Christmas, Andy and Shelly gave me this beautiful nutcracker for shelling my hickory nuts. This year is my first year using it, and it's awesome!!!

I have 15 gallons of nuts to shell, and I've hardly made a dent in the first bucket. It's really efficient! Look. I already have one full jar!

At this rate, I'm going to end up with a boat-load of nuts, and shells. I can see lots of cookies, breads and syrup in our future!

Don't mind the corgi in the background. He'll be back on Tuesday to tell you about his newest gift.


  1. Leave it to our forefathers to invent something useful and helpful. certainly have a lot of Hickory Hill nuts!!! Tag looks like he needs a hug...or a sweet potato treat. Keep Cracking my friend. <3

  2. wonder if you can crush those shells to make pincushion filling like the crushed walnut shells?


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