December 16, 2017

This Little Piggy...

Little Piglet

This little piggy just moved in! 

You may remember that our farm's former family used to have pigs. I have the little piggy bank that sits on the buffet in the kitchen, and a couple other nods to the previous residents, so you might understand how I was really taken with this image.

I was looking for a Christmas sled to put near the back door, so a few days ago I went shopping in Plymouth. One shop, in particular, carries a lot of farm decor - new and old - and that's where I saw this canvas and fell in love.

Sweet Piggy
Doesn't it have the most joyful, blissful expression? I can't avoid smiling whenever I look at it. I left the store after seeing this the first time (to think about it), but coincidentally, I had to go back to town again yesterday for a few ingredients for a recipe I'm canning for Christmas gifts. So, as long as I was there anyway, I went back into the shop. 
I decided to bring Piggy home, and today, I hung another reference to Hickory Hill Farm's history on the wall. Now, all I need to do is name him/her. 
What do you think? Is this a boy or a girl? Any ideas for a name? I'm open to suggestions. I may even put up another poll after I get some suggestions. I may even have a prize for the winner! Leave name comments here and I'll tell you about the prize on Monday. 

One more important thing...Only TWO more sleeps until Handsome is home for the holidays. Tag and I can't sleep, we're so excited!

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Marilyn said...

It's a boy.
Maxwell is fitting. :)

Sharon J. Hughson said...

That pig is WILBUR all grown up. Remember Charlotte's Web. Then you get a copy of the book and put it near the canvas. Perfect.

Createology said...

This is definitely a Papa Piggy and he is very Proud. I like Sharon’s suggestion of Wilbur and placing Charlotte’s Web book nearby.
He certainly does bring a smile to my face. Safe Travels for Handsome as he comes home for Christmas. <3

sunny said...

I have to agree-it's a boy. I'm thinking he looks like a Hickory Hill Hank!

Nancy said...

I think the pig is a girl who loves playing in the mud, running after Tag and Bella and eating your leftover meals. Her name is Petunia.

Sewing In CT said...

I, too, thought Wilbur but wanted to stretch a bit - So I am going to suggest Charlie.

Linda Crochets said...

Definitely looks like a smug little boy to me. I would name him Bryan

Sandy O said...

I think Hilda of Hickory Hills Farm. She looks like she has had many piglets in her life and is one happy momma that has found a happy home at Hickory Hills Farm. Thanks you for sharing your wonderful picture with us. It is nice that it found a good home.

Buttons said...

I say Sooie or Miss Giss!

Deborah Schroder said...

Her name should be Violet

laura dowdall said...

Oh he’s definitely a Wilbur,just look at that strong face,full of character.x


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