December 27, 2017

A Wonderfully Nutty Gift...

Tennessee Pecans
I received a wonderful surprise before Christmas from my blog friend, Jody, in Tennessee. She mailed a package containing hollyhock seeds from her garden to ours; a delicious heirloom tomato; and a nice cache of these paperweight pecans from a farm local to her.

I placed them in a pretty red and white transferware bowl for the holidays, but decided it was time to shell them so I can add them to my next baking project. Of course, I had to taste one or two as I opened them up!
Shelled Tennessee Pecans
These can be opened up by hand, but I chose to save my thumbs and lightly use a regular nutcracker to make my job even easier. In the end, I had more than a pint of shelled nuts. I placed them into one of my beautiful blue vintage Mason jars to store until I'm ready to use them.
Thank you for your generous gifts, Jody! I hope you enjoy the package, filled with goodies, that I sent back to you last week. Thanks also, for the blessing of your friendship.

I'm spending time with Handsome this week before he heads back to Florida (and Bella). My studio projects and frankly, everything else, can wait until after he returns to his southern commitments. God first, family second and studio third. That means I'm enjoying every moment with him that I'm able. I'll get back to work after the 30th.



  1. What thoughtful and lovely gifts from Jody. Time with Handsome...Priceless! May you enJOY your week dear as 2017 comes to a close. <3

  2. omg Donna, I am just getting caught up on posts and stuff. I was just stunned to be the subject of one of your wonderful posts...thank-you. So glad that you enjoyed and yes we have dearly enjoyed your goodies as well - you box arrived when it was needed most - email to follow in a few days.
    Happy Anniversary to you both. Love and blessings


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