December 18, 2017

Piggy Poll and Projects Update...

Time To Choose A Name

I'm adding a poll to my sidebar today. I got so many great name ideas, that I'm glad I don't have to choose one myself. I'll leave the poll up until Saturday, so everyone who wants to vote will have a chance.

NOTE: If you read my posts on your phone, you'll need to get on the web version to see the poll. 

I've kept track of everyone who left a name comment, so the person(s) whose name is chosen will get a gift from me. I'll let you know your prize via email, and will post if for everyone to see after Christmas.

Destiny On Break

For the first year, I've done absolutely nothing in the studio two weeks from Christmas. I've been so excited about Handsome coming home for the holidays, and I've had so much fun decorating and making treats, that I haven't been sewing. I just want to be honest with you. I'm not always an overachiever, and I don't always meet my goals. Not always.

The good thing is I'm not going to stress over this. I'm going to change up my plans. Of course, there will be Grammie's Jammies, but I'm going shopping with Handsome for the rest. I'll revisit my holiday sewing plans after the first of January, and plan to have everything done well before Christmas next year so that I just have to make Jammies at the end (our grandchildren grow by leaps and bounds from one month to the next!).

I know it's more important to spend time with family and friends than it is to stress making every gift. I'm not simply justifying my lack of sewing mojo either. This year, there will be gift baskets, filled with tasty treats from our garden and kitchen. So, I did make things, right? Right! 

Handsome arrives early this evening. Tag and I are heading to the airport to pick him up, and our Christmas begins as soon as I see his smile. Officially.



  1. Donna Dear you are very wise to not sress over your limited time and sewing every gift. I like that you and Handsome will do. Some shopping together and enjoy the holiday spirit. Your gift baskets are perfect gifts because you and Handsome grew the garden and canned/preserved together. Hickory Hill Farm will be making new traditions this year and they will be Wonderful! Safe Travels to the airport and home...xo

  2. Enjoy your family reunion!!!!
    Happy belated birthday!!!

  3. That pig looks like a "Peter" the pig to me!! He is pretty cute.


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