December 21, 2017

Girls' Jammies...

For Granddaughter #1

I've finished our girls' jammies and nearly finished the ones I'm making for our grandson. I just need to insert elastic into the waistband casing, and hem the bottoms. So close! I'll finish them this morning and they'll be ready to wrap.

For Granddaughter #2
I cut these all out on Tuesday, and they were ready to sew yesterday. The first pair took a bit of time (following directions), but the second onsie was finished in less than an hour! They're already packed up and wrapped.
This year was a bit of a learning curve for our grandson's jammies. It's the first time I'm making pj pants with a fly. (In retrospect, I guess I should have done this sooner.) I cut out the pattern, prepped all the pieces and got right after it. I really enjoy learning new things, and this was no exception. I'll share pictures of his gift tomorrow. 

This evening will be our first Christmas celebration with family. Let the fun begin!


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  1. Super cute onesie jammies. You always create such wonderful gifts dear. <3


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