December 15, 2017

Christmas Collage...

Christmas At Hickory Hill Farm

I've been having so much fun decorating the farmhouse for Christmas this year! We gave away many of our decorations before moving south all those years ago. We kept our family tree ornaments and treasured pieces that belonged to Handsome's parents, or were our own from childhood.

Part of the joy was bringing all those pieces into our holiday decorating, but I've had fun finding new pieces to add to them. I've found a fabulous beaded tree and the Santa in the lower left corner of this collage in two different antique shops in Plymouth. 

The beaded tree is nearly thirty inches tall, and it sparkles like ice at night. The Santa is actually a planter, and it's surprisingly heavy.  It's also large, and I had to ask twice to see if the price was correct. Suffice it to say it was a steal

I have a few other pieces that I'll share soon. I'm doing a little up-cycling on them, but won't finish them until after my sewing is done. The "Lodge" print is the flannel fabric I'll be using for grandson's jammies this year. If it said "Farm", I'd be making throw pillows for the sofa with it! It's so soft and comfortable.

I'm not going to share photos of the jammies until after the kids get them for Christmas Eve, but I'll show you the other projects as I finish them. "...and miles to go before I sleep." Where are those elves, now?


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Createology said...

I can definitely understand your JOY in decorating your Hickory Hill Farmhouse for your first Christmas celebration. Love your newly acquired tree and Santa that fit so well with your heirlooms and treasures. Lodge flannel looks perfect for Grandson’s jammies. Elves are sneaky ones when it comes to helping. Happy Sewing Sweet Donna.


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