December 2, 2019

December 1st...

Brynwood Needleworks - Snow Day

December came in on snowy wings this year. We had rain late Saturday, but in the wee hours of Sunday morning, it turned to snow. It dropped white flakes throughout the day, finally stopping after dark, when the wind kicked up.

Thanks to Andy, we now have snow fence in strategic places, in hopes that they'll interrupt the wind as it blows across the yard. Perhaps we won't get the huge drifts in front of our garage door this year. The weather was nice enough a couple days ago so that he could put it up for us. I swear, he gets the "Neighbor/Friend of The Year" award for 2019 (and every year we'll ever live in the farmhouse!).

Brynwood Needleworks - House Finch
I went out Sunday morning to make sure the snow wasn't blocking up any of the bird feeders, but they seemed to like the one closest to the house today. I thought this picture of one of the many house finches that ate here today was pretty. Those pinkish feathers and the stylized scrolls on the post that holds up the feeder right outside our kitchen window made for a sweet image.
The weather didn't bother us. We were safe and warm in the farmhouse. I was making up orders in my studio, and Handsome was happily watching football all day. I did miss an annual party with friends in my old stomping grounds about an hour away, but with slippery, snowy roads, I thought it better to stay home. I'm not the adventurous driver I used to be!
I have one more order to make up today, and then I'm turning my attention to Christmas gifts for this year. Yep. The elves called and wondered what day they're supposed to show up so we can get busy. I told them I'll be watching for them the end of this week. I'll be sharing all my projects along the way.
Well, this last order isn't going to make itself, you know. One or two cups of coffee and I'll be heading back to the studio. Tag's coming back tomorrow. He's being really secretive about his next post. Hmmmm. I wonder what it could be?
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Sharon said...

Your blog is beautiful, Donna! I have forgotten how to do everything on my blog and have to learn all over again. I love your header!


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