November 15, 2019

Family Always Comes First...

Brynwood Needleworks - Kaffe Fasset Fabric Interior - Bryn Clutch Wallet
I've completed a nice stock of wallets for the show next weekend, so it's time for me to work on the larger handbags and totes. Before I do, though, I just had to share this interior I chose for a wallet I created in natural and gold fleck cork. I really love the wild pop of color the future owner will see every time they open it!

Brynwood Needleworks - Ensemble and Nocturne Bags

While I won't be using the exact same fabric, I will be making some of these bags for my booth. These are the ones I'll be cutting out and sewing over this weekend. 

I'm starting today (early!!) with a trip to the vet so Bella can get her vaccinations. Handsome has appointments this afternoon - and a bum knee - so I'll be driving to make life a little easier for him. If I don't get much else done, I'll get my parts and pieces cut out and ready to assemble. I have all weekend to sew, and you know, family always comes first. See you tomorrow!


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