August 19, 2019

Weekend Update...

Brynwood Needleworks - Apples From Our Old Tree
Much of last weekend was spent indoors. We did hit the yard tractors on Saturday afternoon to mow our yard before the rains came early Sunday morning, and it looks better outside because of our efforts. Before I could mow the side yard (I usually do the lower front and side yards, and Handsome does the upper yard and the huge mound for our septic system.), I needed to pick up apples.

The apples looked really nice, so we brought them inside, and planned to use them before the weekend was over. We actually collected another five gallon bucket on Friday, so I offered those to Shelly. I think she'll be turning them into applesauce.

Brynwood Needleworks - Homemade Focaccia

Late evening on Friday, I made up the starter for focaccia. It needs at least twelve hours before it's ready to use, so Saturday noon was my starting time. As I waited, I vacuumed through the house (man, those pups shed!), and then prepared the toppings that would go on the focaccia before I put them in the oven.

It took about two hours for the dough to settle enough to add the toppings, and then another twenty minutes resting. These two beauties came out of the oven at six o'clock (pm) Saturday, and then I headed out to help Handsome finish the yard.

When we came back in a eight pm, all I needed to do (besides a shower) was make a small side salad for each of us, and put a portion of the focaccia back into the oven to reheat. The rest was divided and frozen (except the portion we gave to Andy and Shelly). It will make for a great, quick dinner when we're busy outside most of the day, or I'm in the studio getting projects completed. 
Brynwood Needleworks - Farmhouse Sandwich Bread and Apple Pie Filling
Sunday afternoon, I made two loaves of Farmhouse sandwich bread and these jars of apple pie filling from those lovely apples. Handsome was eating his breakfast and said the apples were getting a little "strong" so I couldn't delay my canning any longer. That reminds me of another story...

When I was in the yard, picking up the apples, I came upon a strange sight. I could see something moving along the edge of the lilies under the apple tree, and thought it might be an injured bird. Once I got closer, I saw that it was a little, fat mouse.

Mousie would walk a few steps, slowly roll over, and then right himself. I thought, "Oh, great. I don't want to dispatch a sick mouse." So I stood and watched it for quite a while. It was surrounded by scores of apples that had rotted because I couldn't see them among my lilies. The mouse continued to tumble around as I watched and contemplated what to do.

All of a sudden, it clicked. Rotting apples = fermenting apples = drunk mouse! Sure! That was it. This silly little mouse had been eating his fill of the apples under the tree, and he was plowed! I broke out laughing, and then said, "Mouse, you're drunk. Go home!". Whereupon that small furball made his way to the base of the tree, where he quickly disappeared. I'm giggling all over again, just thinking about it.

Handsome always helps me with cleanup, even though I try to keep up as I'm making. It's nice to have most of the used utensils, pots and pans ready to put away, once I get the jars into the canner. When the bread and pie filling were done, so was most of the kitchen cleanup.

I had barbequed baby back ribs on the menu, so I went out and lit the grill. At the end of a long day weekend, we sat down to ribs off the grill, parsley-buttered potatoes, and a small side salad. I admit I may have had a celebratory beer, too.

Whew! That was a tiring weekend! I'm taking tomorrow off, and Tag will be back to regale you with another of his colorful tales. I'll be back on Wednesday with some news to share. The crew will be here any minute, so I'd better finish my coffee and get ready to swing into another week. I hope yours is a good one, too! See you Wednesday.


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Andrea H. said...

Sounds like a busy but productive weekend. I loved the drunk mouse story. It made my morning!

Createology said...

Oh that drunken little fat mouse must have had one huge hangover! Too funny!! You and Handsome make a wonderful Hickory Hill Farm team and accomplish so much. Yummy kitchen goodie you have prepared. Monday begins a week closer to your finished porch..YAY!

suz said...

love the mouse story! Your house must smell amazing!


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