August 31, 2016

I've Been Waiting...

Brynwood Needleworks - Massage Web Image (Not me!)
My friend, Krisann has magic, healing hands. She makes her living as a certified massage therapist. We scheduled my Birthday massage for the day after our primary elections. (Man! I just realized that I managed to extend my Birthday nearly NINE months this time!!)

We haven't seen each other more than once since Handsome and I went to Wisconsin, so in addition to her healing touch, we had a chance to talk. Before we knew it, she'd been hard at work on my knotted muscles for over two hours! I was pretty much jelly when she was finished. She'd managed to massage all the stress and strain away, and I was feeling about a million times better.

I know that I'll need to schedule some "Krisann Time" more often in the coming months. I'm going to need it, for sure!

Thank you, my friend. You truly are a one-of-a-kind healer.


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mray said...

What a wonderful relaxed feeling! I'm so happy for you.........good by stress, knots, and worries!!! YEA, you deserve it my friend!

Sherri said...

Massages are the best!! Enjoy another one :)!


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