August 11, 2016

Celebrating Another Birthday...

Brynwood Needleworks - Aunty and Uncle
Our family celebrates three special Birthdays in August. You already know that our granddaughters share their Birthdays this month. (We'll have one more visit and Grandparents Celebrate Granddaughters Birthday Party this evening.) 
Yesterday, Handsome and I took my Aunty Margaret and Uncle Dick out for dinner to celebrate my aunt's special day.

I wouldn't dare tell you her age, but she's seems ageless to me and is as beautiful as ever. Handsome and I so enjoy the time we can have with her and my uncle. We met them at a favorite restaurant close to their home, and spent more time talking than eating. Afterward, we went back to the house for tea and biscuits before heading back to the campground.

Our Wisconsin visiting time is getting shorter, but we wouldn't leave town without another visit with them - along with a and a promise to see them again very soon. They are both true blessings in my life, and we look forward to next time.

Happy Birthday, Aunty Margaret.


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Createology said...

Very special people and such a lovely couple. Happy August Birhday.. Making memories with loved ones is Priceless.


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