August 12, 2016

Flea Market Finds...

Brynwood Needleworks - Flea Market Finds

Before going out for a Birthday dinner with my aunt and uncle on Friday, I had lunch and a visit with Sis (Deb, who is Mom's elder daughter). No trip to Wisconsin is complete without a trip to Kewaskum, WI to their antique mall, so Deb and I went there after lunch.

I always check to see if there are any needle tools or books that I don't yet have (or need), but these beauties beckoned me instead. I love vintage enamelware, and have a few different trays like this one. The difference is that my others have black edges and this one is blue. Oh, how I love blue and white. It was the first thing in my basket. I paid seven dollars for it.

Brynwood Needleworks - Flea Market Crock

There were two crocks - perhaps matching - for the same price, but I chose this one over the other, which was chipped on the top and bottom edges. It was five dollars, and I can already see a use for it when we get back home.

Brynwood Needleworks - Flea Market Find - Windsor Castle Plate

When I went up to the second floor, there were lots of vendors selling dishware. I notice whole sets of blue and white Currier & Ives sets, which reminded me of my "good dishes" in my first real apartment. I had to smile. I guess I loved blue and white from the start.

Then, I noticed a rack, filled with more blue and white plates, but there was one that caught my eye. I had it in my basket, but put it back...three times. I took that as a sign. It really was supposed to come home with me. (Don't you love how I make decisions on these matters?) It's a blue and white collector plate featuring Windsor Castle in "homeland".

Brynwood Needleworks - Flea Market Finds -Windsor Castle Plate Back

I turned it over to see how much the dealer was asking. Three fifty? Giggling, I put it into my basket for keeps and headed to the checkout counter. 
There was one more item I purchased, but I'm saving that for my Monday post. In total, I spent twenty seven dollars (counting the item I've yet to show you). I'd say that's a pretty good day at the flea market!

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Createology said...

I LOVE blue and white and your treasures are wonderful. How fun to acquire some new-to-you pieces. I think you were very thrifty and I haven't even seen your special item yet. Happy Shopping...

CathieJ said...

I have always love blue and white also. My bedroom and kitchen have always been decorated in those colors.


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