August 9, 2016

She Has A Name...

Brynwood Needleworks - Our Airstream Flying Cloud
Yesterday, Handsome asked me why I referred to our Flying Cloud as "she". My answer was that I think of her as a ship...and we all know ships are referred to in the feminine. I'd like to share my delightful story about how the Flying Cloud got her new name.

Until now, we've always just called her the Flying Cloud, but face it. Naming her by her factory designation isn't really very imaginative, is it? I belong to a group on FaceBook called "Airstream Addicts", where we all share information and insight about our campers. It was here that I learned that Airstream has a complimentary program for all owners. 

Many name their Airstreams with nicknames, so the company has a registry where owners can make application for an official nickname. Upon confirmation that your name is unique, they will process a certificate and name badge for your unit that you get in the mail directly from Jackson Center, Ohio (the factory), lovingly referred to by Airstreamers as "The Mother Ship".

I've been bugging Handsome for about two weeks to help me come up with a name for our 27' home on wheels, but was having little luck (or inspiration). Then, on Friday afternoon we went to #2 Son's home for a pizza night with him, his wife and our granddaughters.

Grandma (me) explained the premise. We were trying to come up with a name that was unique and clever; could reference our Airstream and not be like anyone else's name. There were already names like "Silver Bullet", "TinCan Twinkie", "Bread Loaf", "Suzie", "Silver Moose". You get the idea.

We were about 45 seconds into the conversation, when a quiet 12-year-old voice said, "How about 'Aluminati'?" 
For a moment, time stood still. Stunned, Grandma, Grandpa, Mamma and Daddy looked at her and then at each other. Grandpa said, "I like it!". Grandma smiled at our granddaughter, and her Daddy said, "Done!". We all agreed. "Aluminati" shall be her name.
When we got back to the camper that evening, I immediately went online and registered the name with Airstream, and Saturday morning, they confirmed that we would be the owners of the name chosen by our elder granddaughter, and they would be processing our registration packet to send in the mail.

We've designed the decal that's going to go on her back window so others will know her name as we travel down the road. In tiny letters below the name, we'll have our granddaughter's initials. A nod to the child who named our camper. Under that will be our family name and the two states we call home base(es).

I'll order the decals from a local shop as soon as we're back in Florida next week, and they'll be installed on "Aluminati" as soon as they're ready.


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Lady Locust said...

Of course she needs a name:) Nicely done!

C Reeder PhxAz said...

Amazing how a 12 year old can just do that - great name!!! On my screen I don't see a black pup face on the left corner of the window. I think that's the grand finale touch. Tag needs the traveling companion looking out too!

Createology said...

Out of the mouth of "babes"! Wonderful name for your Flying Cloud. She is very beautiful. Safe Travels...

heartsease54 said...

From unexpected source, but perfect. I bet no one expected her to come up with the perfect name just like that. The apple must not fall far from the tree Grandma.


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