August 23, 2016

Let's Talk...

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As I sat down to write this post, I thought, "What shall I write about today?" I'm not one to have an issue "hitting the wall" when I write, but face it...most of what I've been doing lately is neither joyful or creative. It's been hard work. Then, I thought, "That's okay. Sometimes, you just sit down with a friend and tell her/him about your day." That's what I'm doing today, so grab your cup of coffee or tea and get comfy.

Our home is back on the market! Our realtor is sending a professional photographer to take pictures of our home on Friday for the listing. Saturday, they've got someone coming to take a aerial images of our entire property with a drone. So since last Friday, I've been packing boxes, purging and cleaning room to room.

I began in the studio. I filled five or six boxes with bolts of fabric (with many more to go) and those are already in the garage, waiting for more. I also pulled bolts that I'll be listing over the weekend into my online shop for sale. I also packed items that will be donated or sold...or thrown away.
Next, I moved into the dining room and living room. I've been reading more about how to stage for showings, so I pulled up our beautiful Persian rug in the living room, and that's now in the garage. The room already looks lighter and brighter with more Italian tile visible.  Likewise, I wanted to feature our wood floors in the dining room, so I pulled the rug out from under the dining set, and then cleaned the floor before moving the dining set back into place.

Less is more (always), so I'm deciding what's precious to keep, and what we'll send along to Suncoast Resale Shop to benefit the Suncoast Humane Society animals. I'm trying very hard to make snap decisions and avoid handling things more than once. (That's especially difficult for me, but I'm getting better.)

There's still more to do, and it's so dang hot outside that the air conditioner is having a hard time keeping up in this oppressive heat. It makes my work a little more difficult inside, too. When I came home from Paneras last night, it was still 86º at 10 pm!
Today, I'll run over to our local storage spot and get more boxes and packing paper so I can do more of the same. Truthfully, I'm already over this process, but in an effort to keep less, I keep telling myself that it will get easier...and I'm "doing good" with those things we decide to donate. 

The reward for us (hopefully) will be a quick sale so we can move on to our next big adventure. I'm also looking forward to my short-term reward...getting back to the studio after the inside photographer leaves on Friday. By then, we'll be ready for showings and I can play for a while. I want to show you a completed project by Monday. No. I need to show you a completed project by Monday.


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Mandy said...

Good luck with everything, Donna. It is really stressful trying to sell a home. You are doing all you can to make everything easier for both handsome and yourself. The dogs too. I hope all goes smoothly this time and you get the speedy sale you hope for.
Best wishes,
Mandy (writing from the UK)

Createology said...

Donna Dear thank you so much for writing this post. I must do exactly what you are doing and you have shared some great ideas for me. Less is more and I am too sentimental and save EVERYTHING!!! Your hard work will pay off for you and you will be so happy when your home sells. I hope Tag and Bella are good and stay clear of your path until you are ready to play/swim with them. Stay the Course My Friend...

mray said...

Tons of work here too, I have been in a declutter and pay if forward mode. First clothing & linen given to local Angel View, then Yesterday , we dropped off 200 plus hardback books from my library to 'Friends of the Library' for others to enjoy. I now feel
like a whiner...we aren't moving, but simply have too much! Best of luck with all your planning and rearranging!


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