October 28, 2015

Workin' For The Weekend...

Brynwood Needleworks - Studio work
Tag and I went down to Harbour Heights yesterday morning to say "hi" to the ladies at Nifty 50s. 
The boy was a big hit, hearing lots of "He's so cute"s, and getting lots of attention. I didn't go to sew, as I'm picking up my new portable sewing machine today, but I'll definitely be sewing next time we gather! (I'll tell you all about my new machine tomorrow!)
Brynwood Needleworks - Setting up an embroidery commission
I was ready to come home and start stitching out the embroidery for my client, but found a revision in my email inbox first. Soooo, back to the computer.

Working in the studio is a little awkward these days. I have the room set up with my machine table against the fabric shelves for showings, but I have to completely rearrange to this position to be able to use the embroidery feature(s) on Destiny. Otherwise, her embroidery arm would ram into whatever is in the way when she's working (which is a really bad thing).

By the time I finished setting up for the embroidery, it was dinner time, and time to shut down for the night. I'll get back to it today. I'll work on my To Do list, too....workin' for the weekend.

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Createology said...

Your studio is very impressive and I can understand the having to maneuver to function vs. home showing. I do wish someone would come along to buy your home so you can "move" forward. I look forward to hearing about your traveling machine. I love the way you have covered your sewing chair. Thursday Thoughts Dear...


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