October 14, 2015

I'll Be There...

Brynwood Needleworks - Masterbedroom Shell Tablescape
The strawberry I'm working on will be finished this morning, and I expect to finish my machine embroidery commission as soon as I get the final approval from my client. In the meantime, I'm working on my second pair of handknit socks for Christmas gifts and continuing to pack boxes.
I'm currently tackling the bookshelves in our library, boxing books and cleaning off shelves. I'd love to say that I'm sorting through all our various tomes in an effort to minimize the sheer number of boxes, but I find that part of the task nearly impossible. I can't seem to bring myself to get rid of a single page. I love adore hoard have a passion for books. I don't think that a home is actually a home without books...and so I'll keep packing...all of them.
Rather than share pictures of boxes and half-empty shelves, I thought you'd rather see a seashell and vase that sit on one of the side tables in our bedroom. Trust me. It's a much more restful image.
If anyone is looking for me, now you know where I'll be. 

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Chris said...

Any action on your house yet? Or plans as to where you will go?

Createology said...

I so agree about books and a home. When doing the downstairs reno we really ditched a lot of books...mostly out of date computer books and work related books. I hated to throw them away but realize I will never need them again so let someone else use them. As for the upstairs library...well...that is a much more difficult amount of books to sort. Be very careful with heavy books and boxes for your back must stay strong for you. Lovely seashell...so calming.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

O Lord YES! If I want chaos, I'll cast my eyes around my own home.
Thank you for your thoughtfulness; greatly appreciated!

Minimiss said...

Books, books and more books. We are exactly the same and the fact that my DH is a printer by trade means we have many, many books which he had a hand in printing. I ditched a lot of paperbacks several years ago when we were running out of bookshelves but with our move and recent house renovations we couldn't find any we could part with apart from a couple of never-used cookbooks. I buy paperbacks only from my very favourite authors otherwise borrow. Wine boxes are good for packing books in. Just the right size to be manageable and not too heavy when full.

mray said...

Have recently enjoyed rereading some books from my own small library, and the stories seemed better the second time around! I always pencil in the date I finished each book, and have found this helpful...because some books I swear I have never read before. Aging is marvelous!


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