November 11, 2013

Tuesdays With Tag - I've Got A Real Problem...

 Hi, Everybody!
I've got a problem I need to get off my chest. It all started about a week ago.

I usually get fed first thing in the morning - after my "mornin' constitutional" -
and again promptly a 5:00 clockwork. But it seems that lately, there
has been some sort of problem with Mom and Dad and their timekeepin'.
 Five o'clock comes and goes and I can't help but notice that
there is no food for the corgi. Nothin' in my dish. Nobody
hoppin' up to give me my evenin' meal. I try to be patient.
 Dad! Hey, man. Tick.........................................Tock!!!
 Mom! Put down that stinkin' iPhone and quit takin' pictures.
Don't you know what time it is? Heeeeellooooooooooo!
 Just what does a guy have to do to get a meal around here?
Come on, people. Throw a dog a bone, will ya?
 "Tag, honey. It's Daylight Savings Time now. 'Spring forward. Fall Back'."
"The clock says it's only 4:00 now. You have to wait another sixty minutes."

SIXTY MINUTES!!! Are ya kiddin' me? Holy moly! I'll waste away to nothin'!
 I don't know what the heck Mom's talkin' about!
My biological clock says it's 5:00. What kinda craziness is this?
I never heard of such a thing before.
 I'm gonna sit by Dad. He understands a man's need for nutrition. I'll lean on
him and try not to faint. I hope he'll make sure I don't die of hungry. He can't
 ignore my basic needs. I'll get him to call the ASPCA to report you for me!
 Wow! Finally!
You guys are really lucky. I guess I can overlook this and hold on the phone call
to report this abuse for another day. But, you can keep your Daylight Savin's Time

As far as I'm concerned, it's just some bogus idea from people who live by
electricity instead of listenin' to their inner voice. I don't trust them one bit.
 We're gonna have to talk about this, ya know. This problem isn't goin' away. 
I'm gonna have to set a few people straight around this place. Either that or
I'll have to start stashing food for the impendin' famine. This is unacceptable.

If thing's don't improve, you'll hear about it here first. 'til then...
"More Waggin' and Less Barkin'!"

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Minimiss said...

Phew!! I thought you were going to tell us that you were having to go on a diet, Tag. Lucky for you, you don't. You will adjust to daylight saving and never know the difference. Just think, in 6 months time you will be being fed and hour earlier!!

sunny said...

Tag, the same thing happened at our house! We cats can tell time, and we know when someone should be getting out of bed to feed us, and it ain't happening lately! In sympathy, Zippy and Chloe

Jacque. said...

I'm hearin' ya, Tag! I have the same problem over here! If we band together, maybe we can get something done about this. TagEButt

jenann said...

Hi Tag
They mess around with time here too. You'd think with Greenwich being near here, they'd manage to stick with Greenwich Meantime wouldn't you? Nope! Twice a year, the peoples fiddle around with every clock in the house and declare that, whatever our stomachs are saying, time is not the same as it was the day before.
That's not all!!!! The peoples also put locking geese, ducks and hens away before it gets dark and letting them out again as soon as it is light before making sure our dog food falls into our bowls. We come second to a bunch of bird-brained poultry and water fowl. Huh! I have to round up the ducks and geese for the peoples too, which adds insult to injury in my view.
It's a dogs life for me and Rolly-dog.
Woof and wag,
Quango the Welsh collie.

Shirley said...

Tag, It is not only you that feels that way, but think of all the little people who feel the same way. Truth be known I would just as soon they moved it a half hour if they have to change it and left it alone all the time. Forget this fall back and spring forward. Have a wonderful day Tag Hugs and Prayers from your Missouri Friend.

Createology said...

Oh Tag I'm with you. This Daylight Savings Time has me all bumfuddled. I don't much care for all this monkey motion twice a year. Let's just leave well enough alone. Longer daylight makes me happier...not this dark before bedtime stuff! I hear your pain my friend. Smooches and hang in there...

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Awww, poor Tag! I feel just like dinner at 4 and bed by 8!
xo, Tina

Anonymous said...

Dear Tag,
We Corgi's get soooo hungry. Our little bellies just never seem full. We completely understand. Food is like diamonds to us! You have a good Dad to feed you so willingly! Love, Trevor & Foxy Lady!

Anonymous said...

Oh Tag we have that feeding problem here too and do your people insist on staying up past their bedtime too?
My people have never understood daylight savings time...seems like if you wanted to save daylight in short day winter months you would do it in afternoon when more people are awake.

TerriSue said...

Tag, I know what you mean. I wish there wasn't a daylight savings time.


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