November 14, 2013

Cut, Sew, Stitch, Repeat...

 I assembled my plates yesterday afternoon after morning errands. The ground 
fabric for the blocks was selected, and by the end of last night, all three 
plates were sewn down. I think I could almost do them in my sleep by now.
 Not my usual style in fabrics, but they're going to be perfect for the recipient. 
It's fun trying new combinations, and this runner is actually growing on me. 
I just might have to make another set after the holidays for our house!
Today, I'll finish the table runner and (again) make the coordinating napkins. 
I'll show you the finished set tomorrow. I'm sure having a ball sharing my 
holiday projects with you, and sure hope you enjoy seeing them, too!

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Createology said...

You must have secret little elves who come and help you with all of your cutting and sewing. One person simply cannot complete as much as you do in a day. Looking very nice dear...

Leeanne said...

Love them!

Curtains in My Tree said...

I just read your story about your transferware dishes on Nancy's Daily Dish blog
How great you bought them because now one piece is $250

Tanya Rachelle said...

Yes, am enjoying seeing and reading about your projects! I especially enjoy seeing the little plate with all your hand stitching goodies on it. What a great idea and so handy! Always learning tips from such wonderful blogging friends. Love seeing what tools you have on it.


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