November 15, 2013

It Takes Time...

 I'd hoped to share another finished project with you today. As hard as I tried, I 
didn't get the binding on and sewn yet. And the napkins aren't even cut out either.
 I decided to do a more linear quilt pattern on this table runner. I 
thought it would be more appropriate with these fabrics. I like it,
but it definitely takes more time to do than my "needle dancing".
 All the quilting is finished as I write this post, and the table runner is 
trimmed and squared up now. I'll add the binding today and then make 
up a set of napkins. I guess pictures will have to wait until Monday. 

It's the weekend! Make it count.

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Createology said...

I know so little about quilting that I am surprised that linear stitching takes more time than needle dancing. I really like the look of the diamond quilting on this darker colors runner. Happy Relaxing Weekend Dear...

Clara said...

I like this runner very much and love the colors! You've done a great job!

Lesley said...

Love your runner. Beautiful fabrics and great choice of quilting!

Jacque. said...

Hey Donna...great choice with the quilting. Loving those colors and how balanced it all looks. I presume the binding will be the same fabric as the sashing...I know...wait til the finish. Great job.

Leeanne said...

Shall I send you my postal address for you send this beauty right over to me? Love it!!

TerriSue said...

This is so Beautiful. Your colors are gorgeous. I can't wait to see it finished.


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