November 26, 2013

Creating Continues...

 I did continue with my projects from last week, but I'm also working
on a new project. I can tell you that it involved cutting three different
sized pieces with my Nifty Notions 22.5" wedge. I've seen this project
completed multiple times and the fabric combinations are endless.
 Finished layout will be something like this, but the pieces will look
different when I'm finished with them, of course. You'll recognize them.
 This is the first step in the actual assembly process. Pressing and joining will
come next. Then, I'll arrange them per the pattern instructions and applique'
them to the ground fabric. I'll have this one put together by the end of today.

This is the only view you'll see of it before Christmas, though. The recipient 
reads all my posts and I don't want to give away any more of the surprise than 
this. It's okay, though. I'll have other things to share with you when you visit 
next time. I'll also do a Christmas recap after I know everyone has their gifts, 
so you will see this one again later. Don't you just love surprises? hee hee

Back to the "workshop" for me. The elves are getting restless again.
I'll be back tomorrow.

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Lesley said...

Love your fabric choices for the sneak peek!

Createology said...

Softly serene fabrics and colors. Your workshop and you make a wonderful duo. Joyful Stitching Dear...

Indigo Blue said...

Oh, interesting shapes! You have my attention, I wonder what it will look like?

Jacque. said...

I so enjoy coming here and seeing what you're working on...your fabric choices and the wonderful work that you do. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Love those colors!


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