November 1, 2013

Bakewell, England...

 Not too long ago, my Aunty Margaret traveled to England to celebrate 
her mum's one hundredth birthday. She had a wonderful time visiting our
family members and told me all about it when she returned from her trip.
 When I saw her in August, she surprised me with a few travel souvenirs.
I never expected gifts, and was delighted with what she chose for me.

She visited Bakewell in the Peak District (central England), and brought back
a British tea towel and china thimble commemorating her trip to the area.
 If you look at the map of England, the red arrow is pointing to Bakewell. It's the
only market town in the Peak District National Park. The charter for its Monday
Market was granted in 1330, the third year of King Edward III's forty year reign.

When I look at dates like that, I'm reminded how young America really is. 
The other gift Aunty Margaret brought back for me is a beautiful little thimble.
It has a Bakewell scene on one side and the words 
"Bakewell • Peak District" on the reverse. It's trimmed with a gold edge.
A peek inside the thimble shows the maker's mark and "Made in England".

I know my dear aunt reads my blog via email, so I want to say "Thank you" 
again, Aunty. These gifts are just perfect - and treasured additions to my 
beloved British keepsakes. I so appreciate you thinking of me during your
trip overseas, and I really loved hearing all about it when we were together.
I'm looking forward to the next time I see you.

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jenann said...

Those of us who live in the UK, but away from the cities, tend to forget how much history we have!
My S-i-l collects the little china thimbles when she goes to a new town, they are a favourite little memento for ladies here and we sometimes have decorative or useable thimble swaps at sewing group meetings. I miss my group so much.

Jacque. said...

oh, what delightful gifts! Isn't it fun to get surprise gifts?

Createology said...

How very sweet and thoughtful of your Auntie to bring you British bliss. Love the little thimble. Relaxing weekend dear...

Indigo Blue said...

I know Bakewell very well. My husband and his family come from near Bakewell. Most of My husband's now live in Cornwall but they still have friends who live in Bakewell.

Ever tried a Bakewell Pudding? They are gorgeous! When ever we visit we always try and bring one back with us.


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