October 7, 2022

Three Hours Later...

Three hours is a long time to sit over my needlework uninterrupted. I do stop from time to time to stretch and refocus, but soon after that I need to get up and walk around. Lunch was the best reason yesterday, so Handsome and I could share a meal together. I decided to stop stitching for the day after that.

I need to pull a few other colors to finish her tail today, but then all I'll have left will be the branch, birds' feet, and berries. 

After I stopped yesterday, I decided to pull a few ingredients from the pantry to make a warm, hearty chicken noodle soup for us. I used some of the pressure canned items, and I really love being able to shop the shelves right here at the farmhouse. Chicken breast, sweet corn, and potatoes from my first efforts in pressure canning were added to fresh carrots, onion, red cabbage (chopped), garlic, and egg noodles. I haven't canned our own broth yet, so I used store bought. In no time, the kitchen was filled with the aroma of delicious soup. Handsome asked that I make up some homemade biscuits, so after another twenty minutes or so, we sat down to a meal that (as my nan would say) "warmed the cockles of our hearts". Handsome gave this meal a big thumbs up.

As we started after-dinner cleanup, I told Handsome that rather than put the leftover soup into the fridge, I could also jar it up, pressure can it and have it on the shelf as a future heat-and-eat meal. We would have at least five, perhaps six, pints if I did that. It's still an option. If I decide to do that, I'll likely make up a batch of beef stew to go into the canner at the same time. Double the meals for the same time in the canner. Have I told you how much I'm loving my pressure canner? (Of course, I have!)

I'm going to stitch again today, but I have the last of my jalapeƱos to pick, so I'm probably going to make the Cowboy Candy some time this afternoon. Never let a great pepper go to waste!

Have a great Friday, my friends. I'm planning to get this little lady finished today, and then start working on the branch. I'll share the results of my day with you tomorrow.


  1. Oh, my, the stitching is coming along so beautifully! I can practically see that winning ribbon already (-;

  2. Mrs. Cardinal is looking splendid!
    Resident Chef makes big pots of soup this time of year and most of it goes in the freezer for over the winter. At least we know if there's any sort of sickness in our house that there are meals ready to heat up without a whole lot of effort. Really do wish we had a cool spot to keep canned items though.

  3. Sherry of createology: Mrs. Cardinal is lovely. Soup is such a satisfying meal especially when it is home cooked. How wonderful to have so much food selection right in your pantry.


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