June 12, 2019

I'm Feeling A Little Cross-Eyed...

Brynwood Needleworks -  New Patterns
I spent the entire day in my studio yesterday...at my computer. I began by editing my photos from making the chicken pincushions and my new Shop Hop Crossbody Bag. Then, I began the long and intense process (at least for me) of writing the patterns to create them.
If I missed a step in my sewing images, I went back to the machine and recreated it for the pattern. I spent an entire eight hours going back and forth, and then asking Handsome to proof my copy for me. Thankfully, I only had one typo, and a paragraph written when I was near the end, that made absolutely no sense. It's all fixed now, and these are ready to market in the next few days.
I have one more pattern to write, but I'm going to need to make another model, photographing as I go, before I can begin to work up the pattern. It's supposed to rain today, so I may be able to get it done.
Tonight is Handsome's first summer concert. He's going to be playing the drum set on a number of pieces. For that reason, I'm hoping the rain holds off until well into this evening. If it rains, they perform in a building at the fairgrounds. If the weather is nice, they perform in a band shell under the stars. I'm sure you know my preference, so let's cross our fingers.
My Brynwood email server will be undergoing some changes between last Thursday and the 18th of this month. It's a long, boring story, so I'm not going to share it, but if you've sent an email my way and I haven't replied to it, please know that I'm having some technical difficulties, and will do my best to locate and respond to my personal emails. 

My studio rooms look like a bomb went off in them, so cleanup may be my first order of business...or I may just go back to bed for a while. I'll decide after my morning coffee.


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Createology said...

From your previous pattern I have purchased and sewn you do an exemplary job dear. May the rain hold off until long after Handsome’s concert and you can enJOY it under the stars and bright Moon.


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