August 17, 2010

I'll Just Keep Stitching Away...

I've been working on it. I've been threading needles, turning edges, and stitching away with nary a grumble. Everything I need right at my elbow...pincushion/thread catcher, spool holder, scissors, needles and my applique' square.
Tuesday night, I took it to the "instructor" who told me I "wasn't doing it right". According to her, I'm supposed to be "using more glue, not basting, and cleaning up my edges". Then, she told me that she "doesn't usually hand out Lesson Two, until Lesson One is finished." I stood right there in front of her until she coughed up Lesson Two. I haven't decided yet, whether or not I'll do Lesson Two, but it was a matter of principle. I don't appreciate instructors who hold lessons hostage.

I know I'll continue doing just what I'm doing. After all, she didn't tell me how I was supposed to do it until Tuesday night! I'm starting to get the hang of it this way. Notice, I didn't say I was particularly liking it. Not yet, anyway. For now, I'll just keep stitching away.
How do you like my latest little sewing helper? In a flash of inspiration (and after picking my spool of thread up off the floor for the umpteenth time), I remembered a receipt holder I had squirreled away from my days as Stitches' proprietress. I took it out of the cabinet and popped the two spools I've been using onto it. Now, all I have to do is grab the thread end and it just unreels. My spool stays right there on the table top. A $2.00 spool holder! Clever girl, right?

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nancy huggins said...

I am sure you are doing just fine Donna..Your stuff is always awesome so I wouldn't worry about any hassels from instructor..I bet there a lot of classes you could give and do it better.
Great idea with the thing to hold your thread..I had one for years and NEVER used it and got rid of it..Guess I should have kept it huh?
Happy stitching to you :)

Tracy Suzanne said...

Girl, does that instructor know who she's talking to? Is she nuts. I don't know anyone who could possibly compare with you neatness. I say Peashaw, she doesn't know what she's talking about! I love the piece you're working on. The colors are so soft and soothing.

Well I said I was going to bed at the when I was over at Barbara Jeans but now I really, really am. I hope.

Night, night Sweetie. Hugs...Tracy :)

Megan Chamberlain said...

She doesn't sound like much of an instructor. You go to classes to learn not to be told you are doing it wrong and can't continue until she says so. very strange. It is looking lovely and will be perfect when it is finished.
I like the spool holder, I think I have one of those floating around somewhere, now to find it.

Patty C. said...

I like the thread holder idea - very clever :)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm....more glue, not basting? That sounds so odd to me, Donna. And you are already an needleworker of excellence. Grr to the instructor! LOL! Good for you for getting that next project! :-)
Hugs, Diane

Carol said...

I'm glad you held your ground. Its one thing for an instructor to teach you their technique, but quite another not to see the merit in your own improvisions, so to speak.

I noticed that thread holder right away. I love to see things repurposed. Congratulations for thinking outside the box.

Vintage Sandy said...

I'm thinkng you should be the instructor she could certainly learn a thing or two from you namely being courteous to looks lovely to me like everything you do and love the thread holder need to get me one of those!

Nancy said...

Donna: What a clever idea! I have a vintage one sitting on my desk empty, and now I know how to put it to work. I, personally, don't care for instructors who are so critical. I saw one instructor just rip (pun intended) a woman's work apart. I never returned to the class, and I bet that woman didn't either. Hugs to you.

Claudia said...

Now that is a good idea! You clever girl, you!


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Oh my would have loved to be in there with you when she was being such a ninny. Does she not know who Donna is and how gifted and awesome she creates.
You could sew circles around her and then the nerve of her. lol
Goodness I think Ms. Pearl is trying to coming back.
I wanted to come by and check on you before I start this day and now I am so happy I did it will give me something to laugh about everytime I think of you standing there not moving. hahaha
Give me that womens address..
Love ya
Oh by the way I love this piece.

Dani said...

Glue? never heard of using glue on any stitching or odd...
I think your work is primitive stuff pales..

Honey Lamb and I said...

Oh Donna it is looking beautiful!

Createology said...

Donna you are such a sweetheart and don't pay any attention to Miss You're Not Doing It Right! Your applique is beautiful and I am certain your stitches are perfect. Happy sewing you clever girl...
P.S. Love the thread holder idea.

Meri Wiley said...

Hi lovely lady,

As usual, your work is stunning, and applicaying (sp?) is something I've always wanted to try, too. It seems like you're living the life I've always wanted.......LOL Oh well, better you than me. Have fun, have patience, and know that you have all of our admiration.

Love ya'

mya said...

Just curious, is the purpose of this class to learn this particular "glue baste method" instead of "stitch baste?"

You have just provided reasons for never throwing anything away. Good idea with your new thread holder.

Brenda@Cozy Little House said...

Oh, so clever! You should market that idea. I say do the stitching however it comes natural to you.

Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

Hmmm....your quality vs. her ummm glue stuff? Maybe she was a bit jealous I'm thinkin'. Not trying to be mean, just thinkin' that was probably what was going on. What I see is beeyouteeful.

Now THANK YOU for that idea to hold spools...I have been keeping one of those receipt holders and just moving it from here to there. NOW it has a new purpose. Dang you are clever...:))

Anonymous said...

I am not very good at taking classes. The way I see it, there's more than one way to just about everything. I think your work is coming out beautifully, Donna!

Sew Loquacious Angela said...

I love the applique and how "McGyverish" of you!
BTW, the ATC you made is beautiful! Seriously, really awesome. Maybe we'll partner up next time???
Take care,

te_roti said...

Looks pretty darned good to me Donna. Your tutor obviously didn't know who she was dealing with when trying to ransom your next piece. I'm amazed that she gave no tuition in her first class.

Make sure you keep her honest.


Michelle Palmer said...

You're adorable!
Your comment made our entire family giggle~

My name is Michelle.
I have an OAK addition.
I'm pulling others into my web of acorns and I don't mean to ;)

I promise... something new and different (soon!) ha! ha!

Kathy said...

Cute sampler Donna...
There's always a grasshopper in every who is a natural,
she excells...
That's you I'm sure and maybe your instructor feels threatened.....or just likes feeling superior.
Learn what you can and go on...
You'll develope your own technique and your edges will be so smooth and you'll never even see a stitch!
I taught applique and quilting for years...
Your the "Grasshopper"...
a compliment,
xoxo~Kathy @
Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Beedeebabee said...

Oh you ARE clever, Donna! ... and I'm loving whatever that is that your stitching away at. I'm glad you stood you ground and got lesson two, and it's so hard for me to believe YOU weren't doing it right...That instructor must have been having a bad day! xoxo Paulette

MosaicMagpie said...

I really don't think that instructor wants all of us to come down there and tell her what WE think of your work. Where did they find that broad anyway. What ever happened to encouraging teachers? We love your work and we don't care what she has to say about it. Next time reach down and get your own Lesson 3, don't wait for her inspection.

Michelle May said...

I have to say that I'm not liking that instructor's teaching methods and she can just keep her ding dong needle turn fussy pain in the butt stuff. Holding the instructions hostage like that! I'd be tempted to glue baste her lips....(shell you're being nice about stupid I mean...oh just shut up...)

Love your thread holder though you clever girl.

xx,shell and sugie bunny

Bobbi said...

Hi Donna, oh my she sounds a bit rude! I'm so glad that you held your ground with her, good for you...lesson 2 it is! lol I wonder if she realizes just how many friends adore you and your work! Gosh that aggravates me and I wasn't even there! Maybe she was having a bad day. Surely there's a reasonable explanation for her behavior, or at least I would think there would be. Your piece is just beautiful!
I love your lil receipt holder idea...that's awesome! I hope that you have a beautiful day!


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