August 25, 2010

And Now, For A Little Strip "Tease"...

I was very careful to accent "tease" and not "strip tease", because I certainly didn't want to give you the wrong idea! I decided to spend a little time in my studio playing with the fabrics I'd chosen for the applique' quilt to help me decide which pattern I wanted to use.

Aren't they just the most girly, restful colors and patterns? I'm quite sure they're Fig Tree fabrics from Moda, but I can't find my label. If you know which design line they are, please tell me!
I paged through my two favorite quick quilt books...Lickety Split Quilts and Jellyroll Quilts, because...well, I'm using a jelly roll of scrumptious fabrics for this quilt! (You knew that though, right?)
After spending the better part of three days trying to decide, I finally settled on this pattern, called Spiral Strips from the Jelly Roll Quilts book. I read through the entire pattern, and then embarked on the project. The center of this design will be my bluebird applique' square. It's just the right size.

First, instructions said to choose the fabrics and cut the lengths of each strip in half. Check! Then, arrange the strips in groups of four - dark, light, dark, light. Check. Next, I loosely folded each set of four and lined them up like little soldiers awaiting assembly. When I stacked them to fold, I started from the bottom up, so you'll see all the "lights" on top of each set.
Today, I have a long-awaited eye doctor appointment and my four-week haircut. Maintaining this short haircut requires a cut every three to four weeks as my hair grows like crazy, and it's thick to boot! Anyway, I'm telling you this because I'll be out of the house early and home late-afternoon. My appointments are in Sarasota, so Handsome and Kes will hold down the fort while I drive north.

I'll try to get back to sewing when I get home, but probably won't get back to it until Friday. Kes is telling me that I ought to run the vacuum when I get home, too. Don't you just hate it when housework interferes with play dates? But I have to admit she has a point. Perhaps I'll do a little "maintenance" when I get home and set myself up to be able to play all day Friday. Yeah...I'll go with that. I promise my next post will not be photos of my vacuum cleaner!
OH MY GOSH!!! I just realized that I'm only 13 (THIRTEEN) days away from my 500th Post! Can you even believe it? I'm going to have to put some thought into how I'm going to commemorate this event. Anyone have any good ideas? How would you like to see me mark this occasion? Don't be shy. I'll read and consider every single suggestion.

'Til tomorrow, girlfriends!

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Patty C. said...

I think you should celebrate this occasion by making me a scrumptious quilt - really - it would make you feel wonderful - roflol

Seriously though - I would love to see a photographic journey through some of the quilts you have made - all in one post - what eye candy that would be ;)

Take Care
Happy Quilting

DeeDee said...

I wish I could quilt like day fabric the next day cut pieces....I would actually have one done prally if it was all cut least favorite part of any sewing project for sure...

I wish I was brave and cold go short with my hair...need a beautiful face to pull that off and you do it well...see ya on friday ....

Lesley said...

Please, please, please, have a giveaway of one of your gorgeous hearts. I absolutely love them!

Jan said...

Love the soft muted colors of the fabrics, but not sure which collection it might be. Can't wait to see what you create!
I, too, have an appointment with the ophthamologist today. Hope yours goes well. I envy the appointment with the hair stylist. I have not been able to visit mine for the last 3 months due to surgeries and inability to drive. A haircut sounds wonderful!! Enjoy!

Meri Wiley said...

Hi lovely lady,

You just don't stop, do you? My idea for your 500th post is for you to come visit me and we can play and not worry about housecleaning (not that I worry about it anyway) and just get as messy as we want. We can invite all the local bloggers to come and play, too! Yes, I think that's the best way you can when can I expect you?

Hugs and love,

Deb said...

Gosh, I don't know what the name of that fabric is, but I just love it. I can't want to see your progress on it.

Createology said...

Please continue to share all of your wonderful blogging and projects and beautiful things you make with us. You are inspiration and heartwarming and beautiful. Happy creating...

Sammy said...

I love your blog, and all you fabulous fabric. They are divine.
I invite you to visit my blog, and I hope you like it.
Marie and I would love to hear from you.

-Samya :-)

Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

Like Patty C I would love to see your previous creations, we only differ in that you should send the
quilt to me :))


Denise said...

Hi Donna,
I think you could have a "Fortune 500" theme because..... It is our good fortune to be your friends!
Whatever gift you choose to make and give will be wonderful because it is made and given from the heart of a true friend. Hugs & smiles from VT!

Honey Lamb and I said...

I can't wait to see this one develop too!!!

Honey Lamb and I said...

I can't wait to see this one develop too!!!

Michelle May said...

Love those colors. I can't remember what collection they are from though. will probably come to me at 3:00 in the morning! hee,hee,hee.
Hope your eye appointment went well and your hairdo time was fun.
shell and sugie bunny


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