April 1, 2021

Tag On Thursday - The Yellow Taxi...

Brynwood Needleworks - It's Me Again
Hi, Everybody!
Seems like the April Fools gremlins have been busy. 
I spent a lot of thoughtful contemplation last night to write a post for you to read today, only to have it disappear by dawn. That might not be a big deal to many bloggers, but I was a little hacked off to read that my colorful turns of phrase had just vanished into the ether. Anyway, that's my way of explainin' why you didn't get to see any of my witty reparte' first thing this mornin'. I'll try (as best I'm able) to recreate it for you now.

Brynwood Needleworks - Posin' With The Yellow Taxi
Mom had to take the Corgimobile in for service to avoid a squeakin' wheel bearin' and a little front brake work (both important). That meant she was gonna be without wheels for most of the day. She originally planned to take a trip up the Valley with Miss Kathy, but those plans were moved to next week, which Mom was actually happy about (not that she was happy not to see Miss Kathy), because of this.

The dealership gave her a loaner. They gave her this loaner. This car is so yellow that the guy at the dealership announced that he was givin' her the "Yellow Taxi" for the day. She had to actually drive this thing in public to get home! It musta looked like the sun rollin' down the road! Dad saw it in the driveway and laughed out loud. 

You see, Mom doesn't like this color. This is a color she calls "Baywatch Yellow". It's the same color as the beach jeeps that the lifeguards drove on the tv show starrin' that guy David. If you watched it, you might remember all the girl lifeguards in red swimsuits that ran around on the beach.
Brynwood Needleworks - What Did You Just Say?

Mom came up to me and said, "Tag! Maybe I should put on a swimsuit and run around in the yard like those lady lifeguards!"
Wait. Whaaaat did you just say?
Brynwood Needleworks - You're Kiddin', Right?

I tried really hard not to laugh, but in the end, I nearly busted a gut. I ran up to Mom and said, "No, Mom! Stop right there. If you started runnin' around in the yard in your swimsuit, you might hurt yourself. Plus, you'd probably scare the neighbor kids, and you wouldn't want that! This car is just a loaner, not a lifestyle change! Stop this crazy talk right now!"

I finally got her to settle down. In the end, she saw things from my point of view, and we just went in the house. This "Baywatch yellow taxi" sat right there until Mom got a call from the dealership, lettin' her know she could come and get the Corgimobile. Of course, that meant she had to get back in it to return it. Thirteen miles of embarrassment. She kept her sunglasses on so nobody would recognize her.

Crisis averted. No harm done. The girls and I were the only ones runnin' around in the yard all day. But, I'm tellin' you. It was a close call. Good thing I was here to talk her down.

I'll see you again in seven five. 'til then...
"Corgi On, Corgi Strong!"


  1. Oh sweet Tag such breakfast entertainment you have provided. I almost choked on my wheaties! I don’t like any shade of yellow at all and this -well Yikes!

    1. Hi Miss Charlene:
      Yep. It was awful! Hope you're okay. I'm too far away to administer CPR, and truthfully, I'm only good a "hiney-lick" maneuvers. Not the other kind. lol
      Tag xoxo

  2. Now in the heat of the hottest day of summer I think you and the girls and Mom should be runnin around in red swimsuits playin in the sprinklers. Otherwise I am so glad you were able to keep Mom safe and not hurt herself. That color is obnoxious to say the least! I hope it was a free loaner. It looks like giant fly poop in your yard. Keep tellin us your adventures Sweet Tag. I Love You!

    1. Hi Miss Sherry:
      Yep, it was free. Mom sure wouldn't have paid to drive around in that eyesore, but she was grateful she didn't have to walk home. We'll definitely run with her this summer...even if she decides that she'll chance a swimsuit! lol We love her anyway.

  3. Nice car, but difficult colour I agree.
    You always make my day when I read you!
    Have a good day you and Tag.

  4. It looks like Taxi for sure!
    Glad you all got a chuckle out of it.

  5. I love the color!! But no, I wouldn't want to drive it. LOL!


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