April 26, 2021

Safe Arrival...

Brynwood Needleworks - Brother-in-Law and Titus

I arrived safely in Minnesota early yesterday afternoon. It's the first time I've seen my sister's home and it's lovely, inviting, and comfortable. She and her husband are great hosts, and we're having such a nice visit that I only took one photograph yesterday.

I wanted to catch an image of my brother-in-law with Titus. Titus was my dad's dog. While my sister took care of Dad, he asked her to take Titus once he was gone. They all spent months together, and it was natural that Titus would go with her. He adores her, and as you can see, he's found his place in their family. It was heartwarming to see him again.

We have some things planned for today, and I'm looking forward to spending the time with my sister. I'll try to take a few more pictures tomorrow for you. 



  1. Glad your sister took Titus in, great pic.
    Titus is handsome!
    Have fun today!

    1. Hi Marilyn:
      He's a BIG, handsome GSD. He's so sweet, too. My sister has also rescued two cats and big, ol' Titus is afraid of them. It's a hoot.
      Having a great time. Heading home tomorrow.
      Thanks for the note!


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