April 12, 2021

Rain, Rain, Go Away. A Bridal Shower Yesterday...

Brynwood Needleworks - Danielle's Shower Cookies
Yesterday was so much fun! I spent about four hours with friends for a bridal shower. My dear friend of nearly twenty five years is going to be a mother-in-law in October. Her eldest daughter is getting married, and Sunday was the bridal shower, hosted by her younger daughter and the bride's attendants. 
The weather was perfect. It was chilly and overcast in the morning, but by the time I was driving forty minutes south, the temperature had risen and the sun was shining.
Brynwood Needleworks - The Future Bride
Danielle, her younger sister and brother (not in attendance) were mere kidlets when I first met Wendi, and over the years we have quite a few shared memories. I was so happy to be invited to share in the making of a monumental new memory for their family.
My guess was that there were at least fifty others who were as happy to be there as I was. The venue was decorated perfectly; the food (in typical Wisconsin style) was abundant and delicious; and even strangers were just friends in the making.
Brynwood Needleworks - Toilet Paper Bridal Gowns
We played bridal gift bingo (you had to fill out your own card with gifts you thought the couple would be receiving, prior to Danielle beginning the gift opening, and then x out your squares if/when they were revealed when opened); a "how well do you know the couple" questionnaire;  and there was also a contest to see who could make the cutest bridal gown from up to five rolls of toilet paper. Each group (loosely) consisted of five women (except the ladies at my table left shortly before this game started, so I grabbed my model and went to work on my own). Can you guess which dress I made?

Each "tp bride" received a small gift, and the winner (which we weren't) received an extra gift. It was all great fun, especially seeing all the creative ladies in the room.
Brynwood Needleworks - Party Favor Coffee & My Bingo Win Towel
I won a bingo gift, so I chose a button tab kitchen towel (created by Wendi's mom). I was drawn to one kitchen towel with a chicken motif on it, but I know you're not surprised that, in the end, I chose coffee! Then, on our way out, our party favor was a cute package with coffee from a local shop (enough for twelve cups!!).
Brynwood Needleworks - Dear Friends

It was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon, and to be able to get together with a woman I admire (and the daughters she's raised into amazing young women) was icing on the cake. I made sure to get a photograph of us together before I left to drive home. 
I'm really looking forward to the wedding, and plan to create something special for the bride and groom. As the wedding is in October, I have plenty of time to lend some thought to what I want to make for them.
So, last thing...if you leave a comment guessing which tp gown I made, I'll have a little gift for the first person (or everyone) who gets it right. I'll let you know on Wednesday!


  1. I would guess third in from left. We did this when my son got married and it was a last!

  2. Sounds like you had a fun time! I think the far left was your favorite.

  3. I believe second dress from the right but they are all cute!

  4. Looks like a fun time.
    We did the TP gown at a shower last Summer, too fun!
    I think you picked the one on the far left.

  5. I think it was the dress with the cowl neckline.

  6. I think you designed the third dress from the left. I hope Tag catches up on his beauty, um, handsome sleep today. It sounds like he needs it. LOL

  7. I think you designed the off the shoulder gown -the first one in the picture on the far left.


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