October 24, 2018

Dust In The Wind...

Milkweed On The Farm

That's the song in my mind as I was watching the milkweed seeds spreading in yesterday's breeze. All of the pods have burst open, and now Mother Nature (and the wind) will disperse the seeds for next year's crop.

The sun is getting lower in the southern sky as fall turns toward winter, so the light was warm and wonderful on our field. I couldn't resist taking a few pictures to help me remember this day.

Hickory Hill Farm Sandwich Bread

When I came back into the house, the aroma of freshly baked bread greeted me. I think I'm getting better with practice. I also like that I'm creating tasty breads, rather than buying it at the store.

This Saturday, I'll be taking another class at the technical college. I'll be learning about "Rustic Breads and Soups"! I think it's going to be fun to add to my current repertoire.

I'll be working on commissions today. I have pincushions, a strawberry, and three wallets to make in the next week or so. Today, I'll tackle the pincushions first. I'll show you what I'm doing later.

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laura dowdall said...

Bread looks delicious I can almost smell it all the way over here in Coventry.xx

Sherri said...

Donna, I have always loved milkweed since I was a kid! There is just something about watching this strange plant grow, watch it burst open and scatter its seeds to the wind and watch the whole process start the next year! My Nana and I would love to see them in the fields because we knew the butterflies would be happy!!

Your bread looks amazing!! I bet it tastes that way also! Enjoy your day!

Createology said...

Yummy Bread. And with soups will be the perfect pairing of comfort for the cold Winter to come. Spreading Love...<3


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