October 8, 2018

Well, That Was Fun...

Reunion Wrap-up Gathering (l-r: Mary S., Karen C., Pat B. Rose R. and me. Missing: Jane W.)
On Sunday afternoon, a group of us from our 45th Class Reunion Committee gathered to get a final accounting on our party in August. Numbers came out good, and we even still have money in our checkbook as we look ahead to our 50th!!

I hosted the group here at the farmhouse, and we had fun as we "conducted business". These are ladies I've known since we were all kids. I had lots of snacks prepared, and each of them brought along goodies, too, so we nibbled and laughed while we went over the last celebration. Then, we brainstormed ideas for the next one!

(Missing from our pictures is another friend, Jane W., who left before we got out our camera phones.)
Reunion Wrap-up (l-r: Mary S., Karen C., Joe G., Rose R. and me. Missing: Jane W.)
At one point, we mentioned something about our ages...and we all agreed, we sure don't know how we got to be sexagenarians, because we don't think or feel like it! 

We kind of kept track of the Packer game (they lost - booo!), and then said our goodbyes mid-afternoon. We've decided we'll be getting together again to continue early planning for the 50th, and to spend more time together. Another reason I'm so glad Handsome and I moved back to Wisconsin. These are really wonderful women (and Joe) and I'm close enough now, to see them more often.

I'm back in the studio today. I'm going to be doing a local craft show in November, so I've got some ducks to get in a row as I prepare for that. I think I'll start working on Christmas gifts early, too this year. I can't believe how quickly it's coming! What are you doing this week?


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